A sanctuary for wildlife

Winter berries

The Beech woodland at St Fagans was planted at the start of the 20th century by the Earl of Plymouth, owner of St Fagans Castle and grounds. Since 1948, the site has been managed using traditional farming methods and the woodlands has been relatively undisturbed. Today it is a sanctuary for wild birds, bats and other rare animals and a great place to enjoy the outdoors.

It is a perfect place for brushing up on identification skills or practising photography because the wildlife is used to visitors and a little less timid.

To get the most from the wildlife it is best to walk along the wooded areas of the site. See the suggested route map. The woodland areas can be quite quiet even on a busy day, as they are away from the main buildings and attractions.

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  • Get involved! Come along to an event or help us with a nature survey.
  • Nature groups welcome. If you would like to visit the site to study any aspect of the wildife or help us to record our biodiversity, please get in touch: E-mail