Thomas Dauies Anglorum in Africae plaga
occidentali Procurator generalis
ob uitam multifariâ Dei misericordiâ ibidem conseruatum
Calicem hunc é purissimo auro Guiniano conflatum
Dei honori et Ecclesiae de Welchpoole ministerio
perpetuo sacrum uoluit
a quo usu S : S [Salvatori Sacro?] si quis facinerosus eundem Calicem
in posterum alienaret (quod auertat Deus) Dei uindicis
Supremo tribunali poenas luat
Cal. Apr. IX. M.D.C.L.X.II

Thomas Davies agent general of the English
on the west coast of Africa
because his life was preserved there by the bountiful mercy of God
had this chalice forged from the purest Guinea gold
and gave it as a sacred offering to the Grace of God
and for the permanent service of the church of Welshpool.
If any villain should subsequently remove the same chalice from this use
[sacred to the Saviour?] (and may God prevent this)
may he be punished at the Last Judgement of God the avenger.
9th April 1662