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Meetings of the Court of Governors - 23 October 2003

A meeting of the COURT OF GOVERNORS held on 23 October 2003 in the Icons Suite, National Museum & Gallery.

- PRESENT: Paul E Loveluck, President (in the Chair); Susan Davies, Vice President; G Wyn Howells, Treasurer; Mathew Prichard, Immediate Past President; Wynford Evans; Peter Warren; Huw Williams; Dafydd Bowen Lewis; Jane Peirson Jones; Mike Salter; Iolo ap Gwynn; Chris Delaney; D Parry Jones; Gwilym Humphreys; Mair Waldo Thomas; Councillor Delme Bowen; Joan Raum; Councillor R Cass; Win Griffiths MP; Councillor R H Poole; Anthea Wellington; Jonathan Jones; Linda Quinn; Brian Willott.

- IN ATTENDANCE: Mike Houlihan, Director General; Mark Richards, Director of Corporate Services; Robin Gwyn, Director of Strategic Communications; Jon Sheppard, Director of Finance & IT; Michael Tooby, Director NMG; John Williams-Davies, Director MWL; Dafydd Roberts, Keeper, Welsh Slate Museum; Ann John, Head of Museums Branch, Assembly Government; Tony Lloyd, Head of Administration; Tecwyn Jones (Sciences Panel, Collections & Education Committee); Richard Hanbury-Tenison (Arts Panel); Arwel Elis Owen (MWL & MWWI Panel); Victoria Provis (NMG & SE Wales Panel); Colin Jenkins (Collections & Education Committee); Christopher Gridley (Arts Panel); Lord Antrim (Arts Panel); Roger Davies (North Wales Panel); David Walton (Museums & Public Affairs Committee), Sian Rees (Archaeology & History Panel); Ralph Jackson (Archaeology & History Panel); Gill Bernsten (Museums & Public Affairs Committee); Hugh Jones (NMG & SE Wales Panel) and Lois Williams (Arts Panel).

Apologies for absence from Court were received from John Last, Colin Jones, Geraint Jenkins, John King, Rhiannon Wyn Hughes, Geraint Talfan Davies; Malcolm Parry, Francis Lynch Llewellyn, Dewi Davies, Councillor Paul Thomas, Councillor David Rogers, Helene Mansfield, Hefin Looker, Councillor Lewis Jones and Eurwyn Wiliam, Deputy Director General.

Apologies for absence from Committee and Panel Members were received from Christopher Law, David Mason, Peter Tyndall, Stella Mair Thomas, Charles Stirton, Edmund de Waal, Sian Lloyd, Carys Howell, Bryony Coles, Malcolm Symonds, Isabel Hitchman, Nancy Edwards, P Glanville, Nick Merriman, Elwyn Tudno Jones, Alun Daniel, Mike Stammers, Eleri M Rogers and Martin Lloyd.

The Chairman welcomed the Court of Governors and those members of Committees and Panels who were able to attend the meeting.

Resolved: That the minutes of the Court of Governors meeting held on 22 May 2003 be approved.