Department of Social & Cultural History - Research Projects

'The process of living history poses challenges... The solutions depend on translating research into accurate and engaging presentations which educate without aggrandizing or romanticising. Research holds the key.'
(Association for Living History, Farms and Agricultural Museums website, 2007)

Most of the research carried out by the Department of Social & Cultural History is geared towards the display and interpretation of translocated historic buildings and gallery exhibitions. St Fagans National History Museum is an institution which aims to bring history alive, educating and challenging visitors rather than merely presenting them with entertaining stereotypes. This is an approach thirsty for continual research and inventive recycling of accumulated knowledge. It involves direct engagement with individuals and communities not only to ensure that our collections reflect contemporary Wales but also so that we understand how they engage with our displays to relate to Wales past. It is research about people and the human stories which lie behind the material artefacts.

Research is currently undertaken in the following areas: