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Baby bulb
Baby bulb

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SCAN is an Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales project, which helps schools promote Education for Sustainable Development.

November 2010


Posted by Danielle Cowell on 29 November 2010
Cheeky robin begging for food.
All puffed up.
Winter berries in the snow.
Ice melting on crab apples.

How the weather has changed since my report last week!

Temperatures have dropped and there is snow all over the country. Many schools have closed and many others are reporting 'rain gauges - full of snow'!

Maesycwmmer Primary School cleverly melted the snow in their rain gauge then recorded it! See the comments below.

Last night, temperatures plummeted to the coldest on record for November. In mid Wales, a record minimum of -18C (0F) was reached at Llysdinam, in Powys. Dr. Fred Slater reported: ‘I’ve been diligently recording the weather at Llysdinam Field Centre for the last 30 years – last night was the coldest on record”.

If you are able to get into school please send in your records and any snowy pictures you may have.

This cheeky little Robin reminded me of how hungry the birds are at this time of year. He came right up close to me this morning at St Fagans. Luckily, I had my lunch box so I gave him a few crumbs in exchange for a few close up pics.

If you would like to help the birds this winter remember to put some bird food out in your school or garden. I made some fat balls at the weekend. It was easy to do and good fun.

For details on how to make bird cakes and fat balls see

If you would like a good spot to watch birds why not visit our new bird hide at St.Fagans

Professor Plant.





Your questions and comments

Posted by Danielle Cowell on 25 November 2010
Professor Plant
Professor Plant

Here are some of your questions and comments.

Here are some very good questions from some very good scientists! Plus many more comments from schools below.

Oakfield Primary School asked: 'What is the tallest daffodil ever recorded in this experiment'? The tallest was recorded by Ysgol Sant Dunawd on the 15/4/2010. It was a whopping 80cms tall!

Ysgol Nant Y Coed asked: 'If these results are similar to this time last year?' A very good question. I've answered this question locally for Nant y Coed, for Wales and looked at the long term patterns.

Locally at Nant Y Coed school: On Average the first two weeks in November 2010 had less rain and were warmer than in 2009.

Rainfall: 2009 - 20.9mm. 2010 - 14.6mm.

Temperature: 2009 - 7.7degC. 2010 - 14degC.  

Was the pattern the same in your school?

Study 2010 results: 

Study 2009 results:

For Wales: This October was slightly colder than last year and had about the same amount of rain as in 2009.

Mean temperature in 2009 11deg C and 2010 9.8degC.   

Mean rainfall 128.3mm in 2009 and 123.8mm in 2010.

Looking at the long-term patterns: The monthly average for October between 1971-2000 was 6.5degC. The last two Octobers have been much warmer in comparison.


Have any schools had snow yet? If so let me know.

Many thanks. Professor Plant.