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Baby bulb
Baby bulb

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SCAN is an Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales project, which helps schools promote Education for Sustainable Development.

February 2011

First flower

Posted by Danielle Cowell on 11 February 2011
My 1st crocus - 11/02/11
Daffodils now 20cm high - 11/02/11.
Fresh green leaves

My 1st crocus has arrived! None reported from any schools yet, but I expect the reports to come flooding in this week.

Soon, lots of flowers will appear on the map - so you can watch exactly where the flowers are opening first.

Remember, crocus flowers open mid morning and close towards the end of the day. Download my investigation ideas to test this theory with your crocus flowers.

Don't miss your flowers! If by the end of this week your crocus hasn't opened - please take your pot home over half term. This way you can enjoy your flowers and show your family what you have been growing.

I've not received any questions this week but I've had reports of shoots from St. Mary's Catholic Primary School and St Joseph's R.C Primary.

Please send me pictures of your class with their flowers!

Professor Plant






Spring shoots!

Posted by Danielle Cowell on 4 February 2011
Daffodil shoots
Tree bud
Crocus shoots
Tree buds
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Slowly, more and more schools are reporting shoot sightings! Cwm Glas Primary near Swansea have reported a few more shoots but still no sign at St. Mary's Catholic Primary School in Flint.

My daffodils are about 10cms tall now and my crocus have just popped through the soil. Even my mystery bulb is starting to grow and there are buds opening on my garden trees. A true sign that spring is coming!

Take a look at the pictures so you can be sure what bulbs you have growing. Send me some pictures of your shoots or how you collect your weather.

Watch your crocus very carefully now because once they start grow they can flower very quickly. As soon as they flower, send in your record so we can see on the map where the bulbs are opening first.

Competitions. Don't for get we have two fantastic competitions this year. The Daffodil Drawing Competition and the Win a trip competition. I've already recieved some very nice drawings from Bishops Childs Church in Wales School. I look forward to seeing some more from other schools soon...

Weather wise it's been very windy for most of us - so please check that your pots haven't fallen over.

Professor Plant