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[image: Nain]

What is Nain doing on the banks of Llyn Mawr? There are three clues which tell us that this is a special place. What are they? Click on to the cartoons to learn more.

[image: Stone Head]

a) This is a stone head. Perhaps it is the head of a god. What shape are the eyes? Is this a man or a woman?

[image: Wooden Head]

b) This is a wooden head. Who is this?

[image: Wooden Bowl]

c) There is corn in the wooden bowl. This is an offering to someone who we think lives in the lake.

Click here for the answers!

a) We think it's a head of a male god. What do you think?
b) We don't know for sure. It might be a chieftain or perhaps it is a god.
c) Lakes, rivers and wells were very special places - holy places. This is where the godesses lived.

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