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Child Protection Policy: Appendix 4 - Procedures to be Followed by Museum Staff in Cases of Lost/Found Children

February 2005

If someone reports to you that a child is missing, Inform Visitor Services staff and/or Security Control, Site Manager or supervisor (as applicable to your particular site) immediately giving as full details as possible of:

Once a sufficient check is made, if the child is not found, the Supervisor (VS staff) will instruct Security Control or equivalent to inform the Police.

The member of staff who has had the report made to them should reassure the parent/guardian that action is being taken to locate the child and explain that contact will be maintained with them through a staff member on duty.

The staff member will maintain contact with the parent/guardian until the child is found by relaying messages by telephone, radio or in person

If a child who is lost comes to you follow this procedure:

Reassure the child and contact VS staff and Security Control or equivalent with the following details;

If anyone else is with the child, ask them to remain with you until the parent/leader has been located.

If you are on your own with the child, ensure that you are in a public area where you can be seen and heard.

If the child is not claimed, the VS Supervisor or Site Manager will be responsible for contacting the local Police.

Every effort should be made to calm and reassure lost children while waiting for the responsible adult/police.

A written record will be kept by the VS Supervisor or Site Manager and relevant personnel of lost or found children and procedures followed.

Best Practice would be to verify with the child or young person that the parent/guardian is indeed who they say they are.

If a child is found in distress, whilst it would be appropriate to give verbal reassurances the member of staff should clarify that the child wishes to be helped.