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Meeting of the COURT OF GOVERNORS held on 10 February 2005

Meeting of the COURT OF GOVERNORS held on 10 February 2005 in the Court Room, National Museum & Gallery, Cardiff.

- PRESENT: Paul E Loveluck, President (in the Chair); Susan Davies, Vice President; G Wyn Howells, Treasurer; Gwilym Richards; Delme Bowen; Hefin Looker; Win Griffiths MP; Murray McLaggan; Anthea Wellington; Linda Quinn; Brinley Jones; Chris Delaney; Malcolm Parry; Mair Waldo Thomas; Frances Lynch; Mathew Prichard; Jane Peirson Jones; Wynford Evans; Huw Williams; Brian Willott; John Last.

- IN ATTENDANCE: Mike Houlihan, Director General; Michael Tooby, Director NMG; Mark Richards, Director of Operations; John Williams-Davies, Director MWL; Judith Ingram, Head of Policy and Planning; Arabella Smith, Policy Co-ordinator and Tony Lloyd, Head of Administration.

Apologies for absence were received from Eurwyn Wiliam, Deputy Director General, Jonathan Jones, Peter Warren, Robin Gwyn, Director of Communications, R Alun Evans, Patricia Larsen, Councillor David Rogers, Helene Mansfield.

The President welcomed everyone to this special meeting of the Court of Governors.