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House for the Future book

Ty Gwyrdd was originally named 'House for the Future'. This is the booked produced when the house opened in 2000. [PDF - 15.9MB]

Sustainable living — picture quiz

(Suitable for KS2 pupils. 1 hour teacher-led trail) Explore different buildings at St Fagans to find out how people built houses, cooked food and kept warm in the past. Compare with how you live today & find out if there are any good ideas we can use to protect our planet in the future. [PDF - 1.4MB]

Sustainable living - Past, Present and Future

(1 hour teacher-led trail and facilitated and 1/2 hour talk in the Tŷ Gwyrdd). Suitable for students studying the Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship element of the Welsh Baccalaureate. [PDF - 1.6MB]

Tŷ Gwyrdd Quiz

Suitable for families and KS2 school groups. [PDF - 2.6MB]

Tŷ Gwyrdd Quiz - Answers

The answers to the Tŷ Gwyrdd Quiz. [PDF - 2.6MB]

Tŷ Gwyrdd information panel - Heating

One of the information panels placed around the house. [PDF - 46KB]

Tŷ Gwyrdd information panel - Materials

One of the information panels placed around the house. [PDF - 740KB]