Skillset Videos

The exhibitions at Amgueddfa Cymru — National Museum Wales cover the history of animation in Wales from Jerry the Tyke (1925) to Calon Cartwn (2012). The story, however, doesn't end there - every year, students from Universities around Wales produce excellent, new interpretations of the various animation and visual effects styles. Here is a sample of 2012 graduate work from Swansea Metropolitan, Newport and Glamorgan Universities. These Universities and their accredited courses form part of the Skillset Media Academy Wales, an industry-approved centre of excellence linking students and professionals in the creative media industries.

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[image: Acorns]

[image: Opera]

[image: Fy Chwaer]

[image: The Lighthouse Men]

[image: Babbit]

[image: Collect]

[image: Synthetic Eden]

[image: Suburbia]

[image: Ye Olde Doppelganger]

[image: The Observer]

[image: Off The Rails]

[image: Dandelion]

[image: Closing Time]

[image: Botanical Nightmare]

[image: Opening Night]

[image: Day 83]