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February 2012

Crocus countdown...

Posted by Danielle Cowell on 23 February 2012
Crocus flowering at National Museum Cardiff.
The tallest bulb at Fulwood and Cadley Primary School.

Back on the 23rd of January I posted that the Crocus flowers could be on the way, then the weather turned cold and we are still waiting.

If the weather stays reasonably warm they really should be flowering next week. Normally, by now we would have some crocus flower sightings from schools, but our strange winter weather seems to have slowed down the growth.

In the museum grounds however, some of my crocus have already opened! Whilst in my garden, I'm still waiting for flowers, although one daffodil that I planted in Autumn 2010 has tilted it's head. This is a sure sign that it's ready to flower.

Fulwood and Cadley Primary School sent in a picture of their tallest bulb - measuring 9.5cm - see the picture attached.

Be patient and the crocus flowers should open soon.

Your Comments:

Stanford in the Vale. Another strange week...Looking at the rainfall for Monday, I think this maybe because of the snow and rain we had over the weekend? We also observed 3mm of snow fall today. We really haven't had any rain for what seem's like in a long time?The bulbs we planted in the ground are slowly coming through, We wonded if this is because we may have planted them to deep? As the pot bulbs look as they are growing much faster? Ans: This is probably the case, if they are planted a too deep they can takke a little longer. They will come though - were they planted in more or less the same spot?

Glyncollen Primary School. Our thermometer broke this week. Can you send us a new one please? Our plants are growing well and we can't wait to take them home. Yr.4 Glyncollen. Ans: Glad your plants are growing well and I've put a thermometer in the post for you.

Woodplumpton Primary School. We have been listening to the weather warnings on the news. It feels really cold outside and yet the temperature has not dropped below freezing. We are surprised! We are learning a lot about temperature and getting really good at guessing what it is. Ans: This is great news glad you are getting really involved in the project. I know what you mean about it feeling really cold some days.

Ysgol Porth Y Felin. The plants have almost sprouted and has been a lot of rain. All of the plants have sprouted some leaves by now and we have seen a mystery bulb. Ans: How exciting not long now!

Earlston Primary School. Snow Monday & Tuesday. Ans: Well done for recording in the snow!

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Posted by Danielle Cowell on 3 February 2012
Professor Plant

The weather has been really cold for the last two weeks with parts of theUKbeing as cold as minus 11 degrees Celsius! As a result, my bulbs haven't grown any taller since my last pictures. My Crocus flowers may not arrive until mid Feb now.

Despite the cold weather, we haven't had too much ice or snow in the UK. This is because the air is very dry at the moment - as the wind is blowing across from Siberia. Less ice means less damage to our bulbs - so don't worry too much if yours have stopped growing. They are tough little things and they are just waiting for a warm patch in order to flower.

Things may change this weekend according to the latest weather report that predicts snow! See:

Our coldest weather report comes from Ysgol Deganwy where the temperatures were always below zero. It may be cold here at the moment but compared to other areas ofEurope we are very lucky. In the Ukraine they have suffered very badly as temperatures have fallen to as low as -32C in the north and west.

Ysgol Porth y Felinreport that their bulbs are growing well and even their mystery Bulbs have began to grow. Let me know if your mystery bulbs have begun to grow?

Don't forget to send in your weather records weekly if you can. All weather records need to be sent in to stand a chance to win a nature activity trip!

Keep wrapped up warm. Professor Plant

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