Booking Information

Making a booking

We ask that all school groups pre-book their visit. Please contact the Education Officer if you would like more information, to discuss other ways of using the museum or to book a visit. Tel 02920 573600.

Once a booking has been made, we will send you written confirmation of your booking and information on planning your visit.

Charges for facilitated sessions

There is a charge for curriculum focused sessions led by Museum staff. There are four different prices (excluding VAT):

  • for sessions of up to 1 hour for up to 15 pupils - £27
  • for sessions of up to 1 hour for up to 35 pupils - £42
  • for sessions of up to half a day for up to 15 pupils - £47
  • for sessions of up to half a day for up to 15 pupils - £77

If your school is recognised by the government as having more than 20% of pupils in receipt of free school meals, according to the latest figures, there will be no charge for sessions. Special Educational Needs and Pupil Referral Unit groups are also eligible for free sessions.

We will send an invoice to your school after your visit. You must still pay if you cancel later than 10am on the day before or are late on the day and miss your session. Prices exclude VAT but most schools can claim this back.

No charges for the following schools:

  • Schools in Wales with more than 20% free school meals take-up (according to latest Welsh Government figures).
  • Special Educational Needs groups.
  • Pupil Referral Units.
  • Please have the following information available when booking

    • Name of your school / organisation
    • Address
    • Postcode
    • Phone number
    • Contact email address
    • Name of the teacher / group leader
    • Number of students
    • Age Range
    • Number of Staff
    • Number of Pupils with Special or Additional Educational Needs

    Health and Safety

    You will find health and safety information to help you complete your risk assessment here [PDF].


    Please report to the reception desk on arrival.

    Please ensure that your pupils are supervised at all times.

    We ask you to keep to the following ratio:

    • School years 1-3 (ages 5-8) : 1 responsible adult : 6 children.
    • School years 4-6 (ages 9-11) : 1 responsible adult :10-15 children.
    • School years 7 onwards (age 11+): 1 responsible adult: 15 - 20 children.

    The above are the ratios suggested by the DFES. Group leaders should assess the risks and consider an appropriate safe supervision level for their group.

    Unsupervised or insufficiently supervised groups of students under the age of 16 may find that they are denied entry.

    Groups of more than 35 will be asked to split into smaller groups for the duration of their visit.

    Please note that only 15 pupils under the age of 16 are permitted in the Museum shop at any one time and must be strictly supervised.

    Lockers are available for coats and bags.

    Facilities for visitors with Special Needs

    The National Waterfront Museum tries to accommodate the requirements of visitors with special needs. Please contact us in advance to clarify what provision can be made for visitors with special needs.

    Schools and group leaders must ensure that suitable arrangements are in place in order that appropriate supervision and assistance is available to pupils with special needs.

    Our Access Guide is available here.

    Physical Impairment

    Wheelchair access is possible throughout the Museum with access to the first floor by two lifts. One of these can take electric mobility cars.

    Visual Impairment

    The lighting level within the Museum galleries varies, and there are some sudden drops and increases in light levels. Please allow your eyes to adjust to the light in each area. Many of the display areas include audio presentations.

    Hearing Impairment

    There are hearing loops available at the front desk for the display areas. Many of the displays include IT presentations which have British sign language interpretation.

    Food and drink

    You can book a 30 minute slot to use the schools’ lunch room. The Courtyard Garden is also available for you to eat lunch if the weather is fine.

    Please note that no eating /drinking is allowed in the galleries.


    There is a unisex disabled access toilet with baby changing facilities in the Museum gallery.

    There are two sets of male and female toilets, one on the ground floor and another on the first floor of the old warehouse building of the Museum. In the same areas there are also toilets for disabled visitors. An additional toilet with facilities for disabled people is located on the ground floor at the far end of the galleries in the new building.


    Maps of the Musuem are available at the Reception Desk.

    Museum Guidelines

    Visitors must not:

    • enter areas which are not open to the public
    • behave in an unruly manner
    • touch or climb any working machinery or displays.

    The Museum reserves the right to ask groups or individuals behaving in an offensive or unreasonable manner to leave the site.

    First Aid

    If First Aid is needed please contact a member of Museum staff, who will then summon a trained first aider.

    Medical Needs

    School or party leaders should contact Learning Team staff if a pupil is known to have any specific need or serious medical condition. We will need to consider and discuss emergency arrangements with you.

    Where it is safe to do so, we will aim to include fully pupils with specific or serious medical conditions within activities offered.

    Please note that hearing aid users should switch the setting to “T” to access the sound within the displays.

    Please let us know if you need the facilitator of a book-able session to wear a loop.

    Fire and Emergency Evacuation

    Emergency evacuation procedures are in place. Museum staff are familiar with these and practise these regularly.

    In case of emergency, an alarm will sound and a woman’s voice will ask you to leave the building not using the lifts. You should leave by the nearest safe exit and follow the guidance of Museum staff.

    Lost Children

    Please note that the venue has three entrance doors so great care should be taken to keep the group together. One external door opens onto a path along the edge of South Dock which is full of water, so care should be taken when moving around the site.

    Please advise children if they become separated from their group to inform a member of Museum staff if they are lost.

    Should a group leader become aware that one of their group is missing, they should inform a member of Museum staff who will take appropriate action.

    Child Protection Policy

    The museums child protection policy is available here.