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Applications now open - Spring Bulbs for Schools

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Plant bulbs in your school grounds to study climate change. Join this UK wide investigation and improve science and numeracy skills. All schools must apply by the end of July to take part in the following September. Free to all schools in Wales -spaces limited.

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Dates: Sept - March


Science, Geography and ESD&GC.

Caerleon, Roman Isca

National Roman Legion Museum

A wonderful resource for children studying the Romans. It will support your delivery of the National Curriculum through the direct experience of Roman life at Caerleon. The pack contains information on Roman Wales and provides a guide to the Museum and ancient monuments. It also includes activity sheets. (Please note that only photocopied versions are available and are therefore at a reduced price.)

Price £5.00 inc. p&p


Adult Learners, Communities, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 & 4, Post-16 Education

Explorer pack - for Amphitheatre and Barracks

National Roman Legion Museum

This replica Roman satchel contains instructions, information and objects designed to help your group understand how the Romans used the amphitheater and barracks. Objects include Roman coins, caltrops and sponges on sticks. 

The satchel can be borrowed in exchange for a deposit (credit card/ cheque / £30 cash).

You can download the instructions to read through before your visit below.

Duration: 1 hour

Making the most of your visit to Caerleon

National Roman Legion Museum

An educational DVD created in collaboration with the Educational Business Partnership It has been produced with teachers who have had first-hand experience of the site and covers all aspects of a successful trip to the National Roman Legion Museum and Cadw’s historic monuments.

£11.49 (including P&P)


Teacher's Guide to Roman Caerleon

National Roman Legion Museum

An exciting resource that helps you bring the ancient monuments to life. It contains a booklet explaining the background to the fortress with suggested questions, answers and activities. The pack also includes A3 colour images, and a Roman-style measuring string.

£24.45 (including P&P)

Families, Foundation Phase, Key Stage 2

Colouring sheets

National Roman Legion Museum

Study Roman mosaics and animals to create your own designs.

Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: Free of charge as is a self-led session.
Families, Foundation Phase, Key Stage 2

Roman soldiers

National Roman Legion Museum

Match the soldiers to the weapons and armour, using the models in the gallery to help you.

Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: Free of charge as is a self-led session.
FreeIn school

Romans' TV

National Roman Legion Museum

Developed for Key Stage 2 pupils studying life in Roman Wales. This 20 minute film is written from a Roman perspective and is accompanied by a full set of teacher notes.

The result of a collaboration between National Museum Wales, Newport City Council and the Education Business Partnership, it features 8 teachers who scripted and acted in the film.

The Legionary and his Equipment
Cost: For use in school - free of charge.
FreeIn school

The Battle for Wales

National Roman Legion Museum

A 4 minute film that tells the story of the Roman invasion. Suitable for any age group this is a perfect starting point for studying the Romans in Wales.

The Life of a Legionary
Cost: For use in school - free of charge.
FreeIn school

The Caerleon Challenge

National Roman Legion Museum

The National Museum and Galleries of Wales has joined forces with CADW and Newport LEA, to develop an exiting multimedia resource for schools. The resource focuses on the Fortress Baths at Caerleon and is aimed at Year 3 children who study the Romans as part of their history curriculum.

The resource is in the form of a structured Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that allows the children to navigate through the tasks. The presentation also links to an exclusive multimedia resource bank provided by NMGW and CADW. The resource includes drawings, photos, video, virtual reality scenes and interactive drag and drop activities.

Cost: For use in school - free of charge.
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