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Code of Practice on Complaints

Part 1: Introduction

Purpose of the Code

1.1 This Code sets out the arrangements for handling complaints within the National Museums & Galleries of Wales

1.2 It deals with the Museum's internal procedures for the investigation of complaints about actions and perceived failures on the part of NMGW. However it does not provide for review of the substance of decisions taken by NMGW acting properly within its legal powers. Nor is it intended as a substitute or exclusion of any legal remedy that may be available to the complainant

Specific Complaints Procedure

1.3 Part 2 of the code sets out NMGW's internal complaints procedure for handling complaints. However, it does not substitute for any specific complaints procedures such as those provided by, for example:

Specific procedures apply for complaints arising from the Welsh Language Act

Status of this Code

1.4 This Code is not a legal document

Part 2

Internal Procedures for Considering Complaints

2.1 The Director NMGW shall ensure that procedures are in place so that:

2.2 The Director shall arrange for the publication of these procedures

2.3 In order to monitor performance and to ensure that complaints are handled effectively all complaints will be forwarded to the Director of Strategic Communications and will be registered by a specific member of staff - the Head of Administration - who will fulfil the role of 'Complaints Officer'.

2.4 To meet these requirements, NMGW will operate a complaints system which will encompass the following principles:


NMGW will treat all complainants with courtesy and understanding


The system will be easy to understand, easy to access and well publicised

Timely and Informative

There will be clear limits for taking action to deal with the complaint

The Museum will keep complainants informed of progress


As far as possible, all parties will be given the opportunity to provide evidence

Further Review

If the complaint falls within the scope of the Code, complainants have the right to pursue their complaint if not satisfied, until it has been reviewed by a panel chaired by a person who is independent of the Museum


NMGW will examine thoroughly all aspects of the complaint. If the complaint is upheld, NMGW will identify and action suitable and appropriate remedies as soon as possible

NMGW will monitor, audit and report on its internal complaints procedure regularly.

NMGW will communicate lessons learned to its staff


2.5 NMGW will treat all complainants with courtesy and understanding


2.6 NMGW will:

Timely and Informative

2.7 The complaints procedure will operate to the following timetable:


2.8 Where a complaint is one which warrants more than a simple explanation or apology, a thorough investigation will be carried out on the following basis:

* If the complaint involves an allegation of a criminal offence, the complainant will be referred immediately to the relevant Director who will refer it through NMGW's agreed procedures.

Further Review

2.9 When the complainant is dissatisfied with the apology/explanation or with any redress offered he/she may take up the next stage of the complaints procedure which will operate as follows:

The response will be copied to Director NMGW and the Head of Department for the area concerned:



March 2001