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The 1999 Excavation season

Mark Redknap at work

1999 was the sixth year that Dr Mark Redknap and his team have excavated at Llanbedrgoch. By this time they had already found a large stone wall that enclosed the settlement between roughly AD850 and AD1000. Within the interior he had also uncovered a range of buildings as well as — right at the end of the 1998 season — a number of human burials.

The importance of the site for the study of Viking Age Wales was clear — but there was still much more work to be done.

At the start of the 1999 season Mark said:

"The questions we have to tackle this year concern the identity and nature of the burials found in 1998 (are there more?) as well as the form of the enclosure's stone wall - how large was it? when was it erected? and by whom?"

Find out how Mark achieved these goals, how his ideas developed, and what surprises he discovered on the way by following these excavation diaries.

The 1999 Trenches

Two trenches were excavated in 1999, the Wall Trench and the Southern Trench - both were placed to answer specific questions.

The Wall Trench

Mark Lodwick supervised the wall trench, we positioned in order to find out more about the burials which were found in 1998.

Site plan - wall trench
The wall trench

The Southern Trench

The southern trench was positioned in order to find out more about the south west perimeter of the enclosure - Mark Lewis supervised the work in this one.

Site plan - southern trench
Southern trench