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2001 season


Planning Building 2 (early 10th century) in the centre of the site in 1995

This will be our final season of excavation on site, and we have a number of clear targets.

  1. We hope to be able to complete the excavation of the spring and the early medieval deposits which we discovered in the bottom of the pool.
  2. The oven found last year to the west of the spring appeared to have the sill for a wall close to it: we will be opening up a wider area to investigate whether this is another building.
  3. There are a number of anomalies on the 1994 geophysical survey which we hope to investigate, such as an apparent break in the ditch on the north side of the enclosure, which may be an entrance.
  4. We will be completing a geophysical survey of the south field, to confirm the alignment of the enclosure in this area.