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Update 1

The year to date: October 2000 - July 2001

One of the skulls
One of the skulls prepared for reconstruction at the University of Manchester
Mark Redknap with Roger, Archie and Pete
Mark Redknap yng nghwmni Roger, Archie a Pete

The news in brief

It's been a busy year for the team since the end of the 2000 excavation, with many new developments. The finds from the dig have been the focus of conference papers, exhibitions, and analysis, whilst Mark Redknap's book on the Vikings in Wales has led to much publicity for the team's work.

And last but not least, this web site received a highly commended place at the 2000 British Archaeological Awards.

News from the team

At the beginning of June 2001 we delivered the skulls of the five burials found in 1998 and 1999 to the University of Manchester to assess their suitability for facial reconstruction. Hopefully, by next year we will be able to discover what these people looked like.

Since then I have been developing the content of a future exhibition on archaeological reconstruction, which will feature this aspect of the Llanbedrgoch project.

Earlier in July we put on display many of the finds from the excavations to coincide with the Medieval Archaeology Society's International Conference 'Viking Settlement in Britain and Ireland', hosted by Cardiff University and the National Museums & Galleries of Wales. These finds are on display at the entrance to the Medieval Archaeology Gallery.

The first day of the conference also saw the launch of my book, The Vikings in Wales, in which the site features prominently. Roger (the landowner), Archie and Pete (the site's metal detectorists) came down to Cardiff for the launch. Their visit gave us the opportunity to show them some of the recent work undertaken on the finds and data recovered from Llanbedrgoch over the previous seven years.

Roger had the chance to see what has happened to all the important objects which he usually only catches a slight glimpse of before they are whisked back to the museum to be treated.

Since then attention has turned to this year's excavation. This year we do not have a large block of students from Cardiff University and so we have been involved in actively recruiting diggers. Final preparations and gathering of equipment will soon be upon us...