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Update 2

August 20

An early medieval bronze pin
An early find from the site - An early medieval bronze pin
Mark Lodwick starts work on the survey
Mark Lodwick starts work on the survey
Brian cleaning the new trenches
Brian at work cleaning the new trenches

The news in brief

The team has arrived on site and they've begun to open this year's trenches (see plan in 'The site' section of this web site). Already archaeology is starting to appear.

Mark Redknap

It is early afternoon on our first day of excavation, and features are already showing in the main trench (immediately west of the spring) - the oven discovered last year has been relocated and patches of dark earth and stones in the vicinity herald early medieval activity.

Mark Lodwick

Another season begins with a wet start. The last day and a half have been spent scrabbling around in undergrowth trying to find survey points from previous years, and trying to establish the site grid over the field.


Began cleaning up the site, straightening the northern edge of the site and cleaning up the area around the spring. The main emphasis will be on hoeing the site clean as soon as possible while the soil is damp (not too wet and not too dry). We've started doing this in the area around the oven.


Too early in the dig for any finds processing to be needed so having set up the finds shed I have a chance to spend a few days digging on site.