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Update 3

August 22

early medieval pool
Diffinir ochr ddeheuol y pwll canoloesol cynnar gan aliniad o feini mawr (naill ai llwyfan neu ymylfaen)
Work at the edge of the pool.
Work at the edge of the pool.
Rain or shine the work of opening the trenches goes on.
Rain or shine the work of opening the trenches goes on.

The news in brief

The team have had some geophysical work carried out around the main site… meanwhile, work continues on clearing the trenches.

Mark Redknap

We're starting to locate the south side of the early medieval pool in one of our trenches, and features are appearing in Brian's trench as well. Mike Hamilton of University of Wales College Newport, has been conducting geophysical surveys of a possible enclosed hut group (Romano-British date?), and an area to the north of the early medieval enclosure. Thanks to his work we now have a number of promising anomalies to pursue, and we will be testing these over the next few weeks.

Mark Lodwick

I've been banished from the site for the next couple of days, surveying the enclosed hut group to produce a detailed contour survey. This should allow us to scrutinise any hut platforms and banks that are difficult to spot through the undergrowth.


We've managed to clear about half of my trench, and about a quarter had been hoed well enough to reveal a number of features in the NE quarter - probably inter-cutting pits, ditches and gullies whose relationships and exact dimensions are unclear at this early stage. The fills of most of these features are blackish and contain much burnt material.


Archie (one of the metal detectorists who discovered the site) has been re-examining the field which produced ninth-century Carolingian coins a few years ago, and found another silver penny of Charles the Bald. Otherwise the flow of finds is still slow as we are still removing top soil. This has allowed me to spend most of my time on site.