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There are currently around 4,000 officially recognized mineral species known to occur globally – of these 365 have been confirmed from Wales, with a further 50 or so listed in the literature but which have never been properly confirmed. This site provides a comprehensive and authoritative listing of all known mineral species from Wales. By knowing what we have, we can value and conserve our geological heritage.

This site consists of two main parts, the main mineral entries (see Mineral Database) and pages that provide background information. This gives both a brief history of the science of mineralogy in Wales up to the present day, and also provides geological details as to the way in which minerals occur and are associated with each other. This will assist with an explanation of some of the more technical terms used in the mineral entries. If you have any comments or queries about any of the content please use the Feedback link to get in touch with Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales staff.