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The Sower

MILLET, Jean-François (1814 - 1875)

[image: The Sower]

Date: 1847-8

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 95.3 x 61.3 cm

Acquired: 1952; Bequest; Gwendoline Davies

Accession Number: NMW A 2474

Collection: The Davies Sisters Collection

Executed in 1847-48, this is a preliminary version of the painting of a peasant sowing with which Millet made his name at the Salon of 1850-51. Here the sower is a faltering figure enveloped by his surroundings, his seed threatened by hungry birds. On the horizon are two grazing cattle. The steep landscape is that of Millet's native Cherbourg peninsula. This poignant scene recalls the biblical parable and is a moving image of an opresed social class. It was purchased by Gwendoline Davies in 1911.

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Collections Manager, Art Department on 21 April 2009, 13:57

Dear J James, thank you for your message - Just went to check and I can confirm that the 'The Sower' is on display in Gallery 12, Level 4.

J James on 21 April 2009, 13:52

This work is not there

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