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San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight

MONET, Claude (1840 - 1926)

[image: San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight]

Date: 1908

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 65.2 x 92.4 cm

Acquired: 1952; Bequest; Gwendoline Davies

Accession Number: NMW A 2485

Collection: The Davies Sisters Collection

[image: Buy a print]

A view of the monastery island of San Giorgio, painted from the south-eastern end of Venice. On the right are faintly visible the dome of Santa Maria Salute and the mouth of the Grand Canal. Every evening in late November 1908, Monet and his wife made gondola trips to enjoy 'these splendid sunsets which are unique in the world'. This work was purchased by Gwendoline Davies in 1912, directly from Monet's exhibition of his Venetian Scenes in Paris.

Work currently out on loan


Greg on 26 May 2014, 03:14

I see this available everywhere online, but they appear to be done in many different shades. Is there a photo of the original, with it's frame, so I could buy a print (most likely resembling the original, not in off colors) and get the frame that was chosen to go with the original?
Thank you

Amgueddfa Cymru on 21 May 2014, 13:03

Dear Lee - apologies, but this artwork is currently out on loan, Art Online will be updated once it is back on display.

Lee on 21 May 2014, 11:02

Hi, Is this picture back on show yet?

Sara Huws on 20 February 2014, 16:30

Hi there Ashley and Melanie,

To answer both your questions, the work is currently displayed in the Basilica Palladenia, Vicenza, until the beginning of May.

I'm afraid I cannot give a firm date for its redisplay, but as soon as the date if confirmed, I'll update this post.

Melanie on 19 February 2014, 19:09

When is the painting back at the museum please? Am wanting to visit specifically to see this.

Ashley T on 19 February 2014, 16:55

Is this work still currently out on loan? Where is it currently being displayed?

ehi111 on 9 December 2013, 14:09

stupendo ma volevo una descrizione più accurata...

------------------------ on 15 September 2013, 04:18

This is an fantastic painting.

Bailey Witt on 22 April 2013, 14:24

i feel as if this painting describes my life, there's the reds of despair but then there's the happiness of blue, the pointy jagged edges of the characature in the background describe the jagged edges tearing away at my soul

Graham Davies on 7 January 2013, 11:21

Dear Peter, thank you for your comment, we don't usually hold photography of works in their frames, but we do happen to have an image of this work in its frame. If you could get in touch with me via email then I can send you an image of the framed work.
Graham Davies, Online Curator

Peter Golds on 1 January 2013, 11:36

My wife bought me a copy of San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight and I want to frame it in a reasonable copy of the frame it is displayed in. Is there a picture of the picture and frame?

Vikki on 13 October 2012, 18:34

Previous posting stats the painting will be back on display August 2012, is this still correct please? Is the painting now back on display? I have been waiting a while to visit Cardiff specifically to see this.

Amgueddfa Cymru on 17 May 2012, 09:29

Dear Michelle,
This work is currently out on loan until August 2012, after this it will be redisplayed at the National Museum of Art. This page will be updated when the painting is on public display again.

Michelle on 16 May 2012, 15:49

I loved the painting and so did my cousin! i also want to know where the painting will be on display next.

John Engeler, Sydney Australia on 19 October 2011, 00:47

Just returned today from a trip to New York, including the The Met. where I had expected to see this painting - based of course on the movie, The Thomas Crown Affair, which is centered on the purported clever 'theft' of this painting from that gallery. I have a best friend in Venice, and have often seen the view Monet created. Although dissapointed in not yet seeing the painting, I now know where to find it and look forward to seeing it in Wales!!

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