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The Rising of the Skylark

PALMER, Samuel (1805 - 1881)

[image: The Rising of the Skylark]

Media: oil on panel

Size: 30.8 x 24.5 cm

Acquired: 1990; Gift; Sidney Leigh through the National Art Collections Fund

Accession Number: NMW A 361

Inspired by the visionary poet and painter William Blake, Palmer settled in the Kentish village of Shoreham where he evolved a symbolic imagery celebrating rural fruitfulness and pastoral simplicity. Painted shortly after his return from a visit to Italy in 1839, this landscape was inspired by the lines from L'Allegro by John Milton, perhaps the artist's favourite poet:

'To hear the lark begin his flight

And singing, startle the dull night,

From his watch tower in the skies,

Till the dappled dawn doth rise'.

This work is currently on display:

Gallery 22

1 comment

David Brian Armstrong on 22 October 2013, 17:33

I have obviously missed out this section of the gallery on previous visits. What a beautiful little painting. I must make sure I see it on the next visit

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