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Running Away with the Hairdresser

SINNOTT, Kevin (1947 - )

[image: Running Away with the Hairdresser]

Date: 1995

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 160.0 x 216.0 cm

Acquired: 1996; Purchase; with assistance of Knapping Fund

Accession Number: NMW A 3993

The artist was born in Wales and studied in Cardiff, Gloucester and London before returning to live in Bridgend. His paintings deal with memory, emotion and experience, rather than specific events. This subject began with a darker painting of a single half-length male figure, with the underlying theme of leaving one's past behind. In contrast to this 'serious, even somewhat pompous idea', the artist views Running away with the Hairdresser as 'a momentary slip into fecklessness... a mature scepticism towards youth's arrogance'.


Sara Huws, 28 July 2014, 09:25 (Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales Staff)

Hi there Rob,

We do offer a print on demand service, which you can find here, with instructions on how to order: Print on Demand.

Rob, 27 July 2014, 08:26

Do you sell posters of Running away with the hairdresser?

Mike Winton, 14 July 2014, 17:43

When the National Museum of Wales decided to acquire this painting, it was its first acquisition by a living artist.
To mark this event, HTV (Wales ITV)? featured it as the centrepiece of an arts programme, accompanied by the Iggy Pop track, "Lust for Life". .
Look at the painting and imagine the stirring drumbeat as the couple leave their cares, throw caution to the winds and "go for it".
I was fortunate enough to see it on display some years ago and it really created a lasting impression. Put it back on the wall!

Wendy mcleod, 12 May 2013, 19:47

When will this picture be on display.?

A. Lloyd, 16 January 2013, 09:08

I extended a stay in Wales to hopefully see the Kevin Sinnott painting, Running away with the hairdresser,at the museum in Cardiff. What a disappointment to find that it was not on display again, the staff said it would be back on display in about six months time.
This is great for those who live close but I live in Spain and will not be in Wales at the time it is on display, such a shame.

L B, 19 July 2012, 21:24

I am a huge fan of this amazing piece of art and I would love to buy a print for my house, however I cannot seem to find it in the art collection so I may purchase it. Can you please advise where I could but a copy? Thanks

Badger, 27 May 2012, 21:10

I used to work in Cardiff and often livened up lunchtime by going to see this and the Van Gogh in the museum.
It is a very energetic painting that really worked in the time of Brit pop and Oasis and now looks just as fresh and enticing and I think will find new audiences for ever !
I particularly like the strong light that is shown here, the sort that bounces around between these sort of close streets and rendered walls.

Nick Clifton, 2 March 2012, 13:32

In Cardiff two weeks ago, mother and eldest daughter went off for University open day, I took son and younger daughter around the castle (outside, couldn't afford to go in!), around some shops then over to the museum.
We looked in one of the upper rooms and around the balcony (some very cool teapot designs) before descending with the intention of going straight into the prehistoric section, but I popped my head into this gallery and WHOA! ... I could not take my eyes off this picture, it is so real, so dazzling, and it raises so many questions, fantastic!
If I were rich I would contact Mr Sinnott and ask him to paint a copy for me ... then I would have to buy a house with a big enough room to appreciate it.
My youngest assured me that there is even a Milky Way wrapper by the woman's feet.
Absolutly made my day, thank you Mr Sinnott and National Museum Wales.

Ian Ferguson, 26 September 2011, 15:34

Glad to see it back in such a prominent position. Thank you.

christopher james, 8 September 2011, 20:32

put sinnots painting in the new contemp gallery

Amgueddfa Cymru, 1 September 2011, 14:14

Dear Ian,
Thank you for your comment, this painting is scheduled to be redisplayed in just over a weeks time, on the 13th September.

Ian Ferguson, 31 August 2011, 17:02

Why is the painting still not on display?

Amgueddfa Cymru, 19 July 2011, 09:29 (Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales Staff)

Dear Tabea, Thank you for your comment, please see our Picture Library pages for details of prints from our collection.
Thank you for you interest in Amgueddfa Cymru

Tabea, 18 July 2011, 21:15

I would love to purchase a print of this picture as a present. Where can I get it and how much will it be?

Colin Davies, 17 February 2011, 10:12

To Gaynor, Diana Evans and Janet Biddle; the setting is definitely outside the Station Hotel in Caerau, Maesteg.
How do I know?
I met the painter a few years ago and asked him!
Go to this Google Streetview for a current shot;,+Maesteg,+Bridgend&gl=uk&ei=RDZcTcL2C4mLhQeKx9WnDQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&sqi=2&ved=0CBsQ8gEwAA

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