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The Welsh at Mametz Wood

WILLIAMS, Christopher (1873 - 1934)

[image: The Welsh at Mametz Wood]

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 274.3 x 173.0 cm

Acquired: 1920; Gift; Sir Archibald and Lady Mitchelson

Accession Number: NMW A 3509


Shirley Spann, 27 July 2014, 17:42

Remembering with pride my Grandfather, Lance Corporal Major Phillips he fought at Mametz Woods in July 1916. He survived Mametz but was killed in action on the 31st July 1917 at the 3rd Battle of Ypres.He is remembered on the Menin Gate , Panel 22 . He left a widow and 5 young children at home. My mother had just had her 8 birthday.

He was in the South Wales Borderers, 11th Battalion, Reg No 22429.

Also his brother, my Great Uncle, Private Richard George Phillips, Welsh Regiment, Reg No 31304 killed in action 11.7.1916 at The Somme, remembered on the Thiepval Memoral.

My Grandfathers story is being published August 7th 2014 , its is included in the forthcoming book by the BBC Antiques Roadshow Programme , WORLD WAR ONE IN 100 FAMILY TREASURES, also it is being broadcast on Remembrance Sunday 9th 2014.

Justin Richards, 10 February 2014, 23:07

beautiful work, I'm related to the artist.

Philip Davies, 31 January 2014, 08:47

The South Wales Branch of the Western Front Association are beginning to plan for a centenary commemoration at Mametz Wood in July 2016. It would be fantastic to have descendants/relatives of those who fought in the wood at the ceremony. It is anticipated that this will be a major event in the 1914-18 centenary celebrations. Updates will be posted on the 38th (Welsh) Division Facebook page.

geraint davis hughes, 6 September 2013, 10:23

My taid was a lewis machine gunner.he missed mametz and went to the sunny shores of the dardenelles (gallipoli) and was sent to egypt with dysentry.i did a tour of these fields,i still have a lump in my throat,and a sense of awe.i could not have done it

Amguedfda Cymru, 19 September 2012, 15:16

Dear Sophie, thank you for your comment, please see the following link for a more in depth discussion of this subject:

sophie, 17 September 2012, 10:26

how does this potray the soldiers and the battle? answer please...

Gaynor Mackenzie, 3 May 2012, 20:22

My great grandfather Robert George Coburn died on the 14th of July from wounds received fighting in The Battle of Mumetz wood. He never seen his daughter, my gandmother who was a baby when he died. I was born on 14th July 1962

Amanda, 20 March 2012, 21:03

I was at Mametz Wood in 1987 for the unveiling of the memorial and I'm happy to say with my Grandfather who was one of the lucky few who survived this bloody fight. It was a very moving day and this painting shows the horror the brave young men went through.

Gwyneth Evans, 14 February 2012, 00:23

My great uncle David Evans was in Mametz Wood after the main push had beaten the Germans out. Having dug themselves in they had to wait weeks to be relieved from the posts, but sadly he did not survive, and was killed by a sniper's bullet on 16th August 1916, a month after the wood had been captured. He was a farm boy from Solva,Pembrokeshire, and died age 23, and is buried/commemorated at Theipval.

Wynne Jones, 22 January 2012, 22:54

When I visited the Mametz memorial it had a profound effect on me. The mixture of sadness & pride at the thought of my fellow countrymen's bravery in this fierce battle. My grandfather was in the South Wales Borderers during WW1 but he wasn't at Mametz. It still made me proud to see the SWB crest engraved on the plinth under the magnificent Welsh dragon.
Cymru am Byth!

Pamela Thoms, 8 January 2012, 22:21

While researching my family tree, I discovered that a great uncle of mine was mortally wounded at the battle. He had lied about his age to enlist. His name was pvt Jim Davies, service no 32116. He was just 17 years old. He died in a hospital and the red cross arranged for his mother to travel to France to be with him.

The painting really helps to bring the life of a young man to reality. Thank you :)

Neil Murray, 7 December 2011, 20:06

My grandfather's brother, Sergeant James Murray, died here. His name is on the War Memorial at Wenvoe. My father was born a few months later and was named James, and it is my middle name also.

Les Watson, 16 July 2011, 13:53

My granfather dies at Memetz Wood aged 37.
He was the father of 12 children ast his death my mother being only 4 years old.
She said the only memory she had of him was leaving for war in his uniform.
When my grandmother received the telegram of his death she rolled around on the floor crying and screaming.
It was said that in the telegram was a request for te shillings 50p today for the cost of the blanket they buried him in.

alwena jones, 24 February 2011, 15:54

my grandfather fought in mametz, he told my dad that the germans and they were "crying in each others faces"

Kieron Mills, 28 January 2011, 12:17

I think this is very good painting. But scary!

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