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toby jug

Date: 1775 ca

Media: creamware, glaze

Size: h(cm) : 24.1 x l(cm) : 14.1 x w(cm) : 10

Acquired: 1902; Purchase

Accession Number: NMW A 36150

Toby jugs were made from at least 1785. The form is based on the story of Toby Philpot, a well-mannered boor whose indulgence in ale and tobacco led to his death. He was buried and, having returned to dust, a potter is said to have dug up the earth and ‘with part of fat Toby he form’d his brown jug’. This example is a variation known as 'Thin Man'.

This work is currently on display:


Main Hall Balcony S

National Museum Cardiff, Level 4

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