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Chevalier Guilleaumeau de Freval (1745-1770)

GOIS, Étienne Pierre (1731 - 1823)

[image: Chevalier Guilleaumeau de Freval (1745-1770)]

Date: 1770

Media: marble

Size: 73.0 cm

Acquired: 1984; Purchase

Accession Number: NMW A 81

Claude François Guilleaumeau de Fréval (1745-1770) was a mathematician, traveler and author. He wears the robes of a conseiller in the Parlement of Paris. Although he died the year this bust was made, it is likely to be a portrait from life. Gois, who had trained in Paris and Rome, became a full member of the French Academie royale in 1770.



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