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Mauricio Dias & Walter Riedweg

Dias & Riedweg — Sugar Seekers

Mauricio Dias & Walter Riedweg

Sugar Seekers

© Dias a Riedweg

1st Floor, Art in Wales

Mauricio Dias and Walter Riedweg embark on conversations with people, as individuals and as members of social groups. They are interested in dialogue and strike up conversations in different parts of the world, capturing experiences, 'states of spirit' and personal thoughts. Using a video camera they work together to explore humanity in its many different forms, both geographically and socially. They have made work with street children of Rio de Janeiro, older foreign migrants in Paris, janitors of Sao Paulo apartment buildings or dog-handlers patrolling the Mexico / USA border. In each their subjects are active collaborators - who document, confess, enquire and answer. Dias & Riedweg select their conversationalists as a response to the place or environment in which they find themselves.

Mauricio Dias and Walter Riedweg, from Brazil and Switzerland respectively, have been working together since 1993, developing collaborative visual arts and performance projects with the public. Their work includes documentary material as well created scenarios, which are presented formally as video installations. The conversations they create move between their subjects, between themselves as two individuals as well as between the public or museum visitor. As in any conversation it is a combination of what is elicited and what it prompts in each of us that makes it meaningful.

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