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Leandro Erlich

Erlich — Batiment

Leandro Erlich



Installation for Nuit Blanche October 2004 Paris
Photo: Courtesy of the Artist

Temporary Exhibition Galleries, Ground Floor

Leandro Erlich makes art which challenges our idea of reality. He is interested in what we see, the spaces we occupy and the contexts we find ourselves in everyday. He suggests that 'what we take for granted is the whole concept of reality, because we assume that reality is something that is there, and is a fact and is unchangeable . . .' Instead he feels 'that reality is something we are dealt, and the final product of what is reality, is a matter of major construction made by us.'

Erlich constructs installations or complete physical worlds which the viewer enters. He uses whatever building materials necessary including mirrors and projections to create forms of reality. His work engages almost all the senses and we are invited to participate, even interact within the spaces he creates. By doing so we become actors on an elaborate theatre stage, experiencing an environment that is in part real, in part fiction. Leandro Erlich is Argentinean and in creating these spatial and psychological illusions he seems to align himself to the strong story telling traditions of South America where nothing is quite what it seems and the viewer is forced to suspend their sense of reality.

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