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Subodh Gupta

Gupta — Curry

Subodh Gupta


© Subodh Gupta 2005

Temporary Exhibition Galleries, Ground Floor

Subodh Gupta works with existing objects and a wide range of materials to create emblems and symbols of the society around him. He chooses items such as bicycles and cooking utensils, or makes casts of luggage or life size cows as familiar symbols of everyday life in India. In doing so he questions how certain objects become associated with Indian culture and how his own society is represented. On the one hand he proposes them as seductive clichés or stereotypes, on the other he presents them as potent effigies of a society and culture which is stretched between the rural and the urban, between the local and the increasingly global. Gupta visualises a world which is simultaneously personal as well as public.

Brought up in rural Bihar and now working in Delhi, Subodh Gupta works from his own experience of the stark contrasts present in a country which combines rural simplicity with a sophisticated telecommunications industry, where extreme poverty and a well-educated and aspiring middle class, co-exist. In all his works there is more than at first meets the eye — his objects, both found or made, and in all their simplicity, reflect the social, economic and cultural complexities of India today.

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