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Sue Williams

Williams — Wish U Were Here

Sue Williams

Through Glass: ". . . no we r just good friends . . ."

Photo: Graham Matthews
© Sue Williams

1st Floor, Gallery 16

Sue Williams admits to making self-reflective art. She re-presents life experiences in large scale paintings and small drawings. While her works suggest the immediacy of a personal view, they explore a much bigger world of psychology, sexuality, and how to negotiate life as a woman. She does not set out to make feminist art but acknowledges that by expressing views on femininity, on being a woman living at this point in time, she places herself within the same bracket. She is not shy of reflecting the dilemmas of being an empowered woman in society today, (her society is Wales and the UK), when the characteristics of such freedom can be seen as flirtatious, flaunting and downright challenging.

More traditionally the acts of painting and drawing are fundamental to how Sue Williams approaches her art. She sees that drawing is an activity that enables her 'to extract ideas / images from my mind at a rapid pace'. Her paintings are larger than life at 8 square feet and their style reveals the physical nature of making them. Words, materials and objects are applied to the canvas to enhance the sense of physicality both as artworks and as a reflection of the stuff of life.

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