As the National Eisteddfod settles on the parks of Cardiff for the first week in August 2008, Amgueddfa Cymru — National Museum Wales will celebrate the occasion by exhibiting material that was collected on Maes B in Flintshire, 2007.
1938 Cardiff Eisteddfod from the air.
1938 Cardiff Eisteddfod from the air. Glamorgan Cricket Club's SWALEC Stadium now occupies this location.

'Maes B' is the mischievous (but loveable) little brother to the main event, where the youth of Wales light camp fires, party, dance and rock, meet mates or even discover the love of their lives.

The Museum's Curator of Contemporary Life recorded the experiences and stories of 24 people for the Sound Archive of St Fagans National History Museum, and commissioned Bwcibo.cyf to create a short film to be shown in Oriel 1, also at St Fagans.

This was an experiment in contemporary collecting — St Fagans is famous for recording oral histories of the past, but was it possible to record events as they were happening? Furthermore, was it possible to capture the atmosphere and energy of a rock concert, and convey that in a gallery or on a website?

You decide. After reading some of the quotes recorded on this page, and after viewing the short film, you can contribute by leaving a comment below.

What do you remember from past Eisteddfods?

What does the Eisteddfod mean to you?

Documentary music video 'Maes B 2007'

A record of a day at the official youth field in Flintshire and District National Eisteddfod, 2007.
[Video: bwcibo.cyf]

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