Other Invertebrates

1. The Annelid collections


Welcome to the Marine Biodiversity Section at Amgueddfa Cymru — National Museum Wales.

This is a temporary Web Site set up to evaluate a pilot project providing on-line access to our collections database. The first stage provides a search facility on one file only: the Annelida.

The annelid collections (mainly Polychaeta) have largely been developed from the early 1980's onward. The fully registered, item documented (e.g., NMW.Z.1989.104.0004), lots from the different collections have been amalgamated into one systematic sequence and are accessible through this database.

Collections, or parts of collections, not so registered are held separately under collection-specific 'Accession Numbers' where all the individual lots of a particular collection share the same number (e.g., NMW.Z.1985.039). This includes collections where identification is only preliminary (species, genus or family), and donations awaiting registration. These are not available here.