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A dedication to those whose flowers didn't open.

The cold weather this year resulted in a few schools not getting any flowers.

I'd like to make a special dedication to the schools whose flowers didn't open. This is always very disappointing. Despite their flowers not opening each of these schools still worked hard sending in their records. I am very proud of all the schools that carry on despite their disappointment - it shows what excellent scientist they are! Each school will receive a certificate and some seedlings. Many, many thanks Professor Plant. 

Below you will find many of the questions and comments that have come in over the past few weeks.

Ysgol Clocaenog: Yn anffodus dydy ein bylbiau ddim wedi tyfu. Rydym wedi edrych yn y potiau ac mae'r bylbiau wedi pydru. Ond mae'r bylbiau oedd dros ben a blannwyd yn yr ardd wedi tyfu. Mae pawb yn drist iawn iawn!! Rydym ni yn meddwl eu bod wedi rhewi yn y tywydd oer. Oes ysgolion eraill wedi cael yr un broblem a ni? Ans: Roeddwrn i yn teimlo yn drist iawn yn darllen y neges yma. Gobeithio bod y plant yn teimlo yn well nawr. Fel i chi yn gallu gweld wnaeth hyn digwydd y rhai ysgolion erail hefyd. Diolch am eich gwaith galed. Athro'r Ardd.

Ysgol Nant Y Coed asks: My daffodil has got a lovely flower but it's really short. I wonder why? Ans: Sometimes some bulbs are very small which makes smaller flowers or sometimes you just get a short flower in the same way that some people are short and some people are tall. It sounds very cute!

Murch Junior School reported: "6 flowers from one bulb!". Ans: This is amazing not heard of this many before.

Ysgol Deganwy reported: "Only 2 of our crocuses flowered this year and none of our daffodils. Maybe the hard winter killed them off. Ans: Yes this winter has been very hard for our flowers and this has unfortunately meant that some schools didn't get any daffodils this year. I'm really sorry to hear this it must be very disappointing. 

Ysgol Nant Y Coed:  My leaves grew to 42cm but there's no sign of a flower. Ans: This happened with one of my flowers too, it can be very disappointing. It may flower next year. Take a look at the bulb if it's very large try to divide it before you re-plant it.

Ysgol Rhys Pritchard: The bulbs rotted. We dug them up to look at them. Ans: I'm really sorry to hear this. So disappointing :-( It was probably due to the frost or perhaps they got to damp. Obviously you will all still get your certificates as you have done everything that you could to look after your bulbs. Thanks for letting me know.

St. Mary's Catholic Primary School: We only had the one flower that opened. Ans: Really sorry to hear this, again you must be very disappointed. Obviously you will all still get your certificates as you have done everything that you could to look after your bulbs. Thanks for letting me know.

Milford Haven Junior School: We've had a fantastic week of sunshine. Really, really warm in the quadrangle where the plants are. HUGE problems with our internet, so sorry that these records are late. Ans: Sorry to hear about your problems with the internet but glad to hear about the sunshine!

Tynewydd Primary School: Unfortunately the same situation that arose last year has happened again this year, none of the bulbs have grown over the last few months, even though some bulbs showed some shoots coming through during January there appears to be no growth again and there are not even any shoots visible this week. We will continue to collect the weather records and monitor any growth within the bulbs. Some of the pupils are disappointed with the project as they have said how they have still seen daffodils growing strongly within the school grounds, however this has provided useful discussion points once again. Ans: This extremely unlucky! I chatted to the teacher on e-mail and the school has done everything correctly. This winter and last winter were very cold and this has killed off the bulbs in the pots. It may be worth planting the pots in the ground next year so they are kept a little warmer.

Eyton Primary School: None of the crocus came up this year. Ans: Sorry to hear this Eyton :-(

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