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Fieldwork in Co. Mayo - Update

Katie Mortimer-Jones, 8 April 2014

The team are now back from the West Coast of Ireland and the trip has proven to be really successful. The team continued to sample around Corraun, near Achill Island, north Clew Bay for several days, although the weather did turn. They are now processing the samples collected back at National Museum Cardiff. The seaweed samples are carefully dried and pressed, bristleworm and shell specimens are removed from the formaldehyde fixative and then placed into alcohol, and the DNA samples are placed into the freezer. Once processed the specimens will become part of the Museum Collections, and will contribute greatly to the research of the Natural Sciences department.

Harriet Wood sampling seaweed at Elly Bay, Co. Mayo

Seaweed at Corraun, near Achill Island, north Clew Bay

Dr Andy Mackie sampling at Corraun, near Achill Island, north Clew Bay

The team processing samples in the make shift laboratory

The team sampling at Corraun, near Achill Island, north Clew Bay

Processing seaweed samples, prior to pressing and drying

Processing seaweed samples

Marine bristleworm samples are washed to remove the formaldehyde (fixative) and then placed into alcohol for preservation

Collected from Corraun, the Sea Slug, Favorinus branchialis, from seaweed washings

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