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Tŷ Gwyrdd

April 2012

Make do and Mend

Posted by Hywel Couch on 5 April 2012
Footstool Making Workshop held at the Tŷ Gwyrdd
Flyer for the Upcycling Chalky Workshop

Wood for the Trees return to the T? Gwyrdd this Saturday, 7th of April. Earlier this year they held a footstool making workshop, which was a great success as can be seen from the picture. Participants made their own footstools from start to finish, from planing the stool legs to the upholstery work at the end. 

The footstool workshop was for people who had booked in advance, but this time the T? Gwyrdd doors will be open to all for an Upcycling Chalky Workshop! There will be a chance to make your own blackboard to take away with you and also the chance to decorate some furniture! 

The T? Gwyrdd will be open between 11 and 1 and again from 2 till 4 after lunch, so why not drop in and see what’s on offer!

Click here for more information.

January 2012

Green Baby Days @ St Fagans

Posted by Danielle Cowell on 31 January 2012

Sun 4th March, Sun 1st April & 17th-19th April

Babies may be small but they can use a lot of resources. Come and share ideas over a cuppa or find out how to give your baby a greener start.

Free coffee at 11am or drop-in any time between 11-1 & 2-4pm at the Ty Gwyrdd at St Fagans: National History Museum.

November 2011

Willow Crafts Workshop at Ty Gwyrdd

Posted by Lowri Griffiths on 9 November 2011
various willow
A variety of willow Christmas decorations

Today Ty Gwyrdd has hosted a very creative workshop for teachers.

The workshop gives teachers the chance to learn how to make a variety of willow Christmas decorations - that are suitable to make in the classroom.

After a busy day teachers proudly left with willow wreaths, stars, chains and trees!

The workshop was organised by Out to Learn Willow.

If you have a workshop that promotes sustainability and not for profit then Ty Gwyrdd may be available as a venue and possibily free of charge.

For more information please contact the Education Dept here at St.Ffagans


Go Green Day!

Posted by Lowri Griffiths on 8 November 2011
T'dah! The Go Green tree full of energy saving promises!
Joanna and Stephanie have gone green!
James goes green and agrees to wear a jumper to keep warm.
Betsan's leaf - switch light to low-energy bulbs.
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Hello! Saturday November 5th was ‘Go Green’ day at the T? Gwyrdd.


The purpose of this event was to explore easy ways to save energy at home, and at the same time, to save money! Amongst these ideas were simple things, such as: walking to school, using a plug in the sink while washing up, turning off lights when leaving rooms, not leaving mobile phones to charge overnight and many more. For more ways of saving energy at home, follow this link:


Visitors to the ‘Go Green’ day were asked to choose one way of saving energy and pledge to introduce the change to their everyday lives.


To ensure everyone kept their pledges, we asked them to write their pledge on a leaf and attach it to the ‘Go Green’ tree. Before long the tree was full of pledges, ranging from walking to school to wearing a jumper around the house to keep warm.


By the end of the day, the little tree was full of green ideas! Fantastic!


It is worth noting that some visitors jumped at the chance to Go Green (literally!) by donning our green feather boa and glittery glasses! At times it looked more like a surreal episode of Strictly Come Dancing! I’m pretty sure it was the first time the dark slate floors of the T? Gwyrdd had seen such dance moves!


A big thank you to everyone who visited… the next event at the T? Gwyrdd is ‘Sustainable Christmas’ on December 3rd, a chance to pick up tips for a green Christmas and a chance to try making your own Christmas decorations! If you have any suggestions on how to celebrate Christmas sustainably – let us know on Twitter:


Thanks again, T? Gwyrdd

September 2011

Climate champion visits St.Fagans!

Posted by Danielle Cowell on 15 September 2011
Bronwen & The Punter family from Clunderwen near Narbeth who pledged to: walk and cycle more, spend one minute less in the shower and turn down their thermostat by 1 degree.
Ffion Isaacs and granddad Ivor from Caerleon
Adam and Josh from Solihull
Bronwen with Arwel and Ellis from Milton Keynes.

Bronwen Davies is the Welsh Government Climate Change Champion for Ebbw Vale.

Bronwen, who is 15 years old, spent the day at the Ty Gwyrdd in St fagans:National History Museum talking to members of the public about the pledges and actions they can take to reduce their carbon footprint.

She spoke to people of all ages and enjoyed talking to families, where parents and children could work out actions they could achieve together. She has been very busy over the last few weeks helping people to understand our changing climate. 

Bronwen became a Climate Change Champion in January after winning a competition to find six young people who can use their influence to persuade their friends, families and communities to do their bit to help Wales reduce its carbon footprint.

On October the 1st you can meet the Climate Change Champion for Cardiff - Tom Bevan, who is 16. Pop-into the Ty Gwyrdd to meet Tom and make a pledge and to find out how to reduce your carbon footrpint.

Follow the progress of the Welsh Climate Champions at:

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