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Oriel 1

June 2012


Posted by Sian Lile-Pastore on 19 June 2012

photo by jennifer roberts

photo by victoria stephens

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On saturday, the Craftivists (well, the wonderful Sarah Corbett) came to Oriel 1 to help us make mini protest banners dealing with asylum seekers and refugees.

In the gallery at the moment we have an exhibition called Refugee House which is a recreation of a typical refugee or asylum seeker dwelling in Cardiff.

One of the intentions of the exhibtion is to raise awareness about the lives of refugees and asylum seekers in Wales and the rest of the UK.

We thought making banners with other Crafitivists would raise even more awareness about the issues - while stitching slogans and quotes on our mini banners we could really think about the words and discuss their meaning, and when we hung the banners up afterwards other people could read the quotes and perhaps want to investigate more.

It was a really interesting day and I met lots of lovely new crafters, we've hung up most of the banners, but there will be more to come - let me know if you see any!

oh and do go and see what other things the Craftivists do and see how you can get involved.

Thanks to Reynette from Oasis who gave us a bit more of an insight into the lives of refugees and asylum seekers in Wales by telling us about her work and experiences at Oasis Cardiff.

April 2012

Noah's Ark

Posted by Sian Lile-Pastore on 2 April 2012

Mural of Noah's Ark in the Church in St Fagans National History Museum

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These photos are from february half term, but I'd forgotten to put them on the blog until now (in fact I thought I had put them on the blog already but I must have just popped a few on twitter...).

It may be hard to tell but the art work is based on the mural of Noah's Ark in the church here in St Fagans: National History Museum. I drew the ark on a large piece of paper and asked the children to add animals to it - some they had drawn themselves and some coloured in from pictures provided. I also drew a couple of pictures of a devil and a dragon based on those in the church and they went down a storm! I must remember to bring those nasty creatures back round about halloween!

There will be drop in art sessions over the may bank holiday, so please come by and say hello!


March 2012

Looking at Buildings with Coedybryn School

Posted by Sian Lile-Pastore on 29 March 2012

I met Coedybryn school today who had a lovely sunny day to go out sketching and then came back to create these fantastic buildings! they are of the church and Llwyn yr eos farm... but am sure you already knew that.

cockpit and post office

Posted by Sian Lile-Pastore on 28 March 2012


Just a few pictures of models of buildings made by Cardiff Muslim Primary School when they came here the other week.

They are models of the cockpit and the post office, and are pretty splendid too! look at that thatch!

January 2012

Craft Sessions

Posted by Sian Lile-Pastore on 30 January 2012

Socks in St Fagans:National History Museum. Photo by Amy Wheel

Detail of sock from the Museum's collection - photo by Amy Wheel

Detail of socks in the Museum's collection - photo by Amy Wheel

Detail of scarf (i think) from the Museum's collections, photo by Amy Wheel

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We have been running a quilt club for just over a year and we've got quite a group of regulars who turn up on the first Saturday every two months for some patchworking and a chat. There must be something quilty in the air for 2012, as last time we met the group had doubled in size with lots of lovely new patchworkers turning up.

Samantha Jenkins leads the patchworking and quilting and you can see some of her work hereshe is full of great ideas and can solve all your patchwork problems!

I thought it might be time to try out some different craft sessions aimed at adults, so much in the same way that quilting club is run (relaxed and informal but with someone there to help if you get stuck) we are going to be trying out some similar sessions providing you with the chance to knit, make rag rugs, do some simple printing by hand and embroidery. Please visit the 'what's on' part of our website for more information, and please remember to book as spaces are limited.

Just to give you a bit of an idea of what is happening... I will be running the printing session, and we'll be looking at some lovely 1950s designs to come up with printing ideas, making simple printing blocks out of softblock (like lino but better) and printing on paper and fabric. I have turned one of my prints into a fabric brooch, and they would also be lovely as part of a patchwork quilt.

Amy Wheel will be taking our knitting session and will be basing the workshop on some of the socks we have in the collection. Amy is a regular at our quilt club and is also a fabulous knitter and super lovely too, so this should be a fun session! If you know how to knit you could have a go at making a sock, and if you don't you can learn and make something based on the sock designs.

Jane Dorsett will be leading the rag rug making session, and she asks that you bring along a bag of clean unwanted clothes, apparently old T-shirts are great for the job.

Jane has run numerous rag rug sessions in schools, community groups and galleries and there is a lot of interest in this session already so book right away!

The embroidery sessions will be run by Becky Adams and she will be basing some of the designs on the needlecases that we have in our collections here at St Fagans: National History Museum.

Becky has previously worked in St Fagans: National History Museum on our Keepsakes project and has run numerous art and craft sessions for all ages as well as being a wonderful artist in her own right.

I've added some photos showing some patchwork made in quilt club. If you have a photo of your work in progress, please email me with it as it's great to see what everyone is making! My email address is

Here are the crafty dates for your diary. Booking is essential as spaces are limited, so please phone 029 2057 3414 to keep a space.

3 March 11am-12.30pm - Quilt Club

17 March 11am-12.30pm - Knitting

31 March 11am-12.30pm - Embroidery

14 April 11am-12.30pm - Printing

28 April 11am-12.30pm - Embroidery

12 May 10.30am-12.30pm - Rag Rugs

19 May 11am-12.30pm - Knitting

26 May 10.30am-12.30pm - Rag Rugs

7 July 11am-12.30pm - Quilt Club

1 Sept 11am-12.30pm - Quilt Club

3 Nov 11am-12.30pm - Quilt Club

All sessions are free and some materials are provided to get you started. If you are taking part in the rag rug sessions please bring along some old clothes or fabric.

December 2011

christmas decorations part two.

Posted by Sian Lile-Pastore on 9 December 2011

In my last post I mentioned that I would be running a drop in arts and crafts session on the 17th december in Oriel 1, St Fagans: National History Museum. We will be taking inspiration from 1950s decorations, and to get some good ideas I went around the site with my camera the other day and took these photos.

Do you have anything similar at home? don't forget to let me know your memories of Christmas decorations in your house when you were growing up too!

christmas decorations

Posted by Sian Lile-Pastore on 6 December 2011

I will be running an arts and crafts session on Saturday 17th December and we'll be making Christmas decorations! whoop!

I've been busy creating some samples of what we will be making, so if you like what you see come and make them with me! It's a drop in session and is suitable for both children and adults, we'll be making tissue paper pom poms, crepe paper chains and gingerbread men out of felt - i'll also try and remember to bring some christmassy playdough for the littlest ones and some colouring sheets too.

I've taken inspiration from decorations from the 1950s and have a few decorations from that date to show you! (will take pictures and blog about them too). We're also keen to collect some information from you - what decorations did you have as a child? let me know here or fill in one of my forms on the 17th.

The gingerbread man in the photo is from our collection and dates from around 1912. Inspired by this, I thought it would be fun to make some gingerbread men felt tree decorations too (and, yes, I realise I'm not sticking to my theme!).

Staff are busy decorating the historic buildings in St Fagans: National History Museum as we speak, so on the 17th you'll be able to get some first hand 50s inspiration for the 1950s decorations by visiting the Prefab and the 1955 Rhyd-y-car house.

go here for more information or email me if you have any questions regarding the session.

October 2011

Big Draw

Posted by Sian Lile-Pastore on 10 October 2011


Every year we take part in the Big Draw Here are the pictures from this year which took place on the 1st and the 8th October. We made a paper version of St Fagans: National History Museum inspired by Made by Joel, and used some of his images too.

September 2011

Looking at Buildings

Posted by Sian Lile-Pastore on 16 September 2011

On Wednesday Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Evan James took part in the art activity that I offer to schools called 'Looking at Buildings'.

The pupils have a look at the buildings in the museum and make sketches of them, before returning to the activity space to create a 3d model. Here are some pictures of the wonderful work made.

If your school would like to take part in something similar, have a look here for more details.

Quilt Club

Posted by Sian Lile-Pastore on 16 September 2011
Quilt Club
Samantha's quilt
Janet's quilt
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I love quilt club, I really do. And if any of you would like to come along then I'm sure you will love it too!

It's a friendly, informal group and we get together and sew quilts! Quilter, and all round wonderful person Samantha Jenkins is on hand to help out if you get stuck or to help you get started if you have never quilted before. We meet every two months on a saturday morning at 11am until 12.30pm, the next meeting is on November 5th and is open to all - but please book your place by phoning 029 2057 3424.

Here are some pictures from recent meetings... I know there are more somewhere in the depths of my computer, so I'll have a hunt for those too.

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