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Slate Garden

, 20 April 2010

All the preparation and planning for the Slate Garden began before Christmas, but all the hard work began on the actual garden itself in February. We worked together with Gwynedd Council’s Residential and Day Services to create our fantastic new garden - and here are some pictures of the proses.

The pictures on this blog will allow you to see the whole process, from beginning to end.

We love our new Slate Garden, and we hope that you will get the chane to come to Llanberis to enjoy the garden too!


4-2-2010 We decided to create our new garden in a little corner on our site, next to the cafe. And look - there was nothing here at all!
10.2.2010 Machines working on site.
25.3.2010 The workers laying the wooden sleepers.
9-4-2010 Laying the path...
12-4-2010 The first of the planting.
15-4-2010 Colourful plants!
15-4-2010 One of our slate benches.
15-4-2010 The last of the planting by the great team of workers.
15-4-2010 Team photo after finishing the project - well done everyone!