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January 2008

Crocus Picture Diary

Posted by Gareth Bonello on 25 January 2008

[image: ]

5th Feb 2008. My flowers have opened! I think they are really beautiful. The petals are light purple - some have deep lilac lines. Can you see the stigma it is the dark orange part inside the petals. The light orange parts are the anthers.

[image: ]

[image: ]

[image: ]

27th Jan 2008. The Flowers are a few cm's high. As you can see the petals are still closed. They are ready to open any day now!

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Here is my Crocus Picture Diary.

Each week I will be uploading new pictures of my Crocus plants - as they grow! Compare them with your own.

Don't forget to take part in the Crocus Drawing Competiton to win prizes!

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In the Bleak Midwinter

Posted by Gareth Bonello on 18 January 2008

It’s been very wet and windy over the past few months, with just the occasional sunny spell breaking through before the miserable midwinter weather sets in again. The weather has made wildlife watching hard, with most of the birds keeping their heads down to avoid getting blown away! I have noticed however, during my wanders in the brief sunny breaks, that the birds seem a lot tamer and don’t fly away as readily as they usually do. The reason is probably that their energy reserves are low and so they are trying to conserve as much energy by doing as little as possible. Either that or they are just so used to visitors that they simply don’t mind anymore. I swear there was a Robin following me around yesterday…

The project is quickly racing towards the natural extravaganza that is the springtime. The information panels for the path are written, and we’re finalising the design. The wildlife cameras will be here soon (I can’t wait!) and a flash new website is on the way too. I’m also busy preparing worksheets for families and lesson plans and resources for teachers, so it’s all very hectic, but should make the spring and summer a very special time indeed. I've had enough of the winter now, bring on the spring!

Explore the Sea Floor exhibition on the move!

Posted by Lara Murphy on 3 January 2008

The exhibition moved to the Kew Bridge Steam Museum in Brentford, Middlesex on the 7th January despite the high winds blowing the van about! The exhibition will be on display from 9th January to 2nd March 2008.

[image: Explore the Sea Floor exhibition in Kew.]

Canu Cloch i'r Flwyddyn Newydd

Posted by Sara Huws on 3 January 2008

Er gwaetha'r tywydd rhynllyd, mae cornel o iard Eglwys Teilo Sant dal yn gynnes iawn. Gefail dros-dro sydd yno, ble mae dau arbenigwr-ac-artist yn gweithio ar ail-greu cloch Ganol Oesol gynnar. Roedd gan llawer o'r seintiau Cymreig yn y 6ed ganrif rai o'r rhain. Gellir darllen ychydig amdanynt (yn saesneg) ar y ddalen hon, sydd wedi'i ysgrifennu gan arbenigwr Canol Oesol Amgueddfa Cymru, Mark Redknap.

'The Christian Celts: Treasures of Late Celtic Wales'

Mae Andrew Murphy a Tim Young - y naill yw'r Gof yma yn Sain Ffagan, mae'r llall yn arbenigwr mewn metelau ac archaeoleg ymarferol - yn defnyddio megin enfawr i geisio ail-greu cloch Sant Ceneu. Mae'r gloch wreiddiol yn rhan o'r casgliad cenedlaethol. Mae Andrew a Tim yn defnyddio technegau tebyg i'r rhai a ddefnyddiwyd i wneud y gloch wreiddiol yn y 6ed ganrif i'w ail-greu. Maent yn gwneud hyn i geisio dysgu mwy am waith metel y cyfnod mewn ffordd ymarferol - rydym ni wastad yn arbrofi yn Sain Ffagan, felly mae'n braf gweld llwyddiant y gwaith ar ddyddiadur gwe Tim Young.

Cewch luniau, sylwadau a disgrifiadau yma ar wefan Geoarch.

Bydd mwy o wybodaeth am y prosiect yn cael ei gyhoeddi ar ein chwaer-safle, Rhagor: darganfod byd o gasgliadau, ar derfyn y gwaith. Mwynhewch ddyddiadur Tim yn y cyfamser!

I gadw'r thema: cloch lawer yn iau na chloch Ceneu yw'r gloch yn nhwr yr eglwys ei hun. Mae wedi'i seilio ar gynllun o'r 15eg ganrif o Lanilltyd Fawr. Fe'i castiwyd yn arbennig i ni yn ffowndri Taylors, Loughborough - man geni 'Great Paul', sy'n hongian hyd heddiw yng Nghadeirlan Sant Paul yn Llundain. Mae'n un ni ddipyn yn llai, ond yn ddigon swnllyd ta beth!

Clychau Taylor, Eayre and Smith

Hwyl am y tro a blwyddyn newydd dda!

Explore the Sea Floor reaches further!

Posted by Lara Murphy on 2 January 2008

Explore the Sea Floor was present at the Association for Science Education Conference in Liverpool at the beginning of January. The project was met with enthusiasm from teachers and it is hoped that many more schools will use the resources in their classrooms.

  • National Museum Cardiff

    [image: National Museum Cardiff]

    Discover art, natural history and geology. With a busy programme of exhibitions and events, we have something to amaze everyone, whatever your interest – and admission is free!

  • St Fagans National History Museum

    [image: St Fagans]

    St Fagans is one of Europe's foremost open-air museums and Wales's most popular heritage attraction.

  • Big Pit National Coal Museum

    [image: Big Pit]

    Big Pit is a real coal mine and one of Britain's leading mining museums. With facilities to educate and entertain all ages, Big Pit is an exciting and informative day out.

  • National Wool Museum

    [image: National Wool Museum]

    Located in the historic former Cambrian Mills, the Museum is a special place with a spellbinding story to tell.

  • National Roman Legion Museum

    [image: National Roman Legion Museum]

    In AD 75, the Romans built a fortress at Caerleon that would guard the region for over 200 years. Today at the National Roman Legion Museum you can learn what made the Romans a formidable force and how life wouldn't be the same without them.

  • National Slate Museum

    [image: National Slate Museum]

    The National Slate Museum offers a day full of enjoyment and education in a dramatically beautiful landscape on the shores of Llyn Padarn.

  • National Waterfront Museum

    [image: National Waterfront Museum]

    The National Waterfront Museum at Swansea tells the story of industry and innovation in Wales, now and over the last 300 years.

  • Rhagor: Explore our collections

    Rhagor (Welsh for ‘more’) offers unprecedented access to the amazing stories that lie behind our collections.