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Exploring Our Woodlands

October 2008

Fungi Foray

Posted by Gareth Bonello on 17 October 2008

mushroom city2

Autumn is a great time to spot fungi as many fruiting bodies (the interesting shapes that we see above ground) bloom at this time of year. So I've decided to post my mushroom and toadstool photos on this blog as the season wears on. Enjoy!

mushroom bunch4

mushroom bunch3

mushroom tops1




king alfred cakes1



purple mushroom7

candle wick2



purple mushroom5

Bird Feeder Blog

Posted by Gareth Bonello on 17 October 2008

feeder & camera

Hi there all! Hope you’re enjoying watching the now that it’s up and running. It’s almost always busy at the feeder at the moment so there’s plenty to keep you entertained (or in my case distracted from work!). It’s particularly popular with Great Tits, Blue Tits and Coal Tits as well as Greenfinch, Chaffinch and House Sparrow. The Nuthatch and Robin are also regulars with Goldfinch and Bullfinch making infrequent visits. The feeder also suffers regular raids from our resident squirrels and although they’re a bit of a nuisance for the birds it’s pretty entertaining watching their acrobatic attempts at getting to the food!

nuthatch feeder1

tits on feeder1

tits on feeder3