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Exploring Our Woodlands

January 2009

Feed the birds!

Posted by Gareth Bonello on 20 January 2009

The days are short, the rain is cold, there’s frost on the leaves and the wind bites my nose; it must be January! But it’s not just us human beings that feel the cold. Our feathered friends need to eat a lot more during the winter months to keep from freezing to death in the night. Have a look at the and you’ll see how busy it is!

Winter is a great time to attract birds to your garden because they are less shy about coming to get food. You might even attract some species that don’t normally visit garden feeders.

There’s some great advice on attracting birds to your garden at the RSPB website, and while you’re there why not get involved in the Big Garden Birdwatch on the 24th & 25th January? You can take part in the world’s biggest bird survey from the comfort of your living room!