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July 2009

Cleaning the village

Posted by Steve Burrow on 16 July 2009
Cleaning the Celtic Village
During the Festival, staff at the museum are being helped by a group of volunteers who will ensure things run smoothly. Some have already made a start, helping with the cleaning up of the Celtic Village.
Contents of a roundhouse
Everything was cleared out of the roundhouses and given a belated spring clean.

Festival of British Archaeology 2009

Thousands of people visit the Celtic Village each month leaving little spare time for keeping up with the housework. Even worse, with summer in full swing everything is growing very very fast. Something had to be done!

With help from museum volunteers, extreme steps were taken. Everything was taken out of the roundhouses and cleaned. Outside the houses, vegetation was cut back, and the grounds were tidied. The result: two sparkling roundhouses.

Earlier in the year the third roundhouse became unstable and was taken down. Although sad in a way, this provided a great opportunity for a team from Reading University to excavate the ground upon which it had stood. So we learnt a lot from the controlled demolition of this house, but the work was not over. Piles of old thatch and soil still littered the Celtic Village, and these were cleared away by a team of United Nations' Association volunteers.

So the venue is ready, the events organised. Now we keep our fingers crossed for good weather.

Getting ready

Posted by Steve Burrow on 16 July 2009
Bronze casting
Preparations for the bell casting experiments to be held beside the Celtic Village at St Fagans from 19 - 21st July 2009.
Pouring molten bronze.
Casting a bronze ring.

Festival of British Archaeology 2009

The Festival of British Archaeology kicks off in just three days and staff at St Fagans National History Museum, National Museum Cardiff, and the National Roman Legion Museum are hard at work.

From the 18th of July until the 2nd of August our museums will be hosting an amazing array of activities to celebrate archaeology, from opportunities to join Roman soldiers in the barrack room at Caerleon, to Shadow puppet workshops in Cardiff, and a recreation of a Roman funeral at St Fagans.

For a full list of all the events and activities at our museums visit our Festival of British Archaeology web page.

Over the coming weeks I'll be blogging as the festival progresses, so if you can't stay until the end of the bell casting experiments, or you have to leave before the bone flutes are finished, then read about what happened here.

Most of the time I'll be based around the Celtic Village at St Fagans National History Museum so most of my posts will concentrate on the events held here, but I'll try to include information about things going on at our other sites.

Comments from the exhibition

Posted by Sian Lile-Pastore on 13 July 2009

The exhibition ended on Sunday and the curators and conservationsists are now getting Oriel 1 ready for the next exhibiton 'Pop Peth, Music and Me' which starts on the first of August.

During the exhibition there was an area where the public could leave their memories or thoughts on the Urdd, here are some of them:

‘I loved the horse riding and I found it very fun. The government should give out free trips!’

‘My name is Molly. I went to Llangrannog in 2009 April with the Urdd. The cabins are much nicer than they used to be.’

‘I am going to Llangrannog next week. I am excited.’

‘It was the best place i have ever been to. I loved the toboganning.’

‘C.1969 I went to Llangrannog - spent 2 nights in wooden cabin then spent the rest of the week in the ysbyty – only remember custard and shopping!’

‘I went to Llangrannog twice as a young girl. I had so much fun horse riding and skiing but especially the Disco at the end. I broke a young boy’s heart!’

‘I remember falling in love with one of the ‘swogs’

‘1962 – my friend and I were the only 2 to go from my school Caer Castell Cardiff. The weather was extremely cold and one morning us two girls who were on the top bunks woke to find we were covered with snow. The stay was shortened due to bad weather.’

‘The Logo should be a dragon or something that doesn’t look like a lollypop or a candycorn’

‘They live in luxury at Llangrannog these days! Bring back the cabins that i had to stay in!’

Are you one in a million??

Posted by Chris Owen on 7 July 2009

Sorry its been so long but we haven’t really had anything to report! Both Gavin and Stacey can still be seen each day on the Clocktower. Sometimes they are there all day, dividing their time between the east and north sides of the tower, and on other days they disappear on long hunting trips. The recent hot weather has been a bit much for the birds (as well as us on the ground!) and they often perch on the shadier parts of the tower.

The PoCT team will be watching the birds until the end of August, so if you haven’t yet seen the peregrines “in person” then what are you waiting for?! If you are a fan of birds and wildlife, why not join the RSPB? You would be in good company-we have over 1 million members! We can sign you up at the Museum and every member that joins will help wildlife conservation in Wales, as well as ensuring that the Peregrines on the Clock Tower project returns each year.

Happy watching!

More art cart images

Posted by Sian Lile-Pastore on 3 July 2009

Here are a few more art cart pictures.... please go on over to flickr for even more!