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Ar 18 Mehefin 1915, cynhaliwyd ‘Sassiwn Plant’ yn Llidiardau, ger y Bala. Er nad oedd hi’n bresennol, fe wnaeth Kate Rowlands nodyn o’r achlysur yn ei dyddiadur:

Anfon dipyn o bysgod adref. Sassiwn Plant Llidiardau. Emrys yn cael mynd yno. Anwen ag Ella yno yn y Sassiwn Plant. Diwrnod hynod o braf. Mary Lizzie Pandy yn cael tarawiad o appendicitis.

Ar wefan Papurau Newydd Cymru Arlein, mae modd dod o hyd i erthyglau di-ri am gyfarfodydd o’u math yng nghapeli’r ardal. Yn Sasiwn Plant Moel-y-garnedd a’r Parc yn Mehefin 1914 holwyd y plant yn ‘fedrus ac i bwrpas’ am y 6ed a’r 7fed bennod o’r Rhodd Mam. Gyda’r nos, rhanwyd gwobrau a thystysgrifau, a chyn gorffen ‘anrhegwyd bob un o’r plant a ‘bun’ cyn iddynt gychwyn adref.’ Trît derbyniol ar ddiwedd diwrnod hir ddywedwn i!

Mewn cyfweliad llafar â’r Amgueddfa yn 1969, cyfeiriodd Kate Rowlands at bwysigrwydd cael dillad newydd ar gyfer rhai o brif ddigwyddiadau blynyddol y capel. Dyma ddyfyniad o’r cyfweliad dan sylw, gyda chyfeiriad penodol at un Sasiwn Plant cofiadwy o'i phlentyndod:

Lynn Davies: Oedd hi’n arferiad cael dillad newydd ar gyfer achlysuron arbennig?

Kate Rowlands: Diar oedd! A chadw dillad fyddech chi’n gael at achlysuron felly. Cadw nhw’n ddillad gore ynde. Oedd hi’n oes y dillad gore yn siwr yn de. Fydde nhw ond yn dod allan ar gyfer rwbeth hynod o bwysig ynde… cwarfodydd yn y Bala a rwbeth felly yn de… gwyl yr ysgol sul, sassiwn plant a rwbeth felly ynde wch chi… Dw i’n cofio ni’n dod i fyny ryw sassiwn plant o Llantisilio a wedi cael popeth ynde, a het wen reit smart. A wedyn mewn wageni o nhw’n mynd … a mi ddoth hi’n law mawr. Pan o’n i’n mynd adre, het goch o’genai. O’dd y papure’r trimmings wedi colli lliw i gyd! Dyne fo, dodd honno dda i ddim byd wedyn ynde.

A ninnau bron ar ddiwedd hanner cyntaf @DyddiadurKate, gobeithio eich bod yn mwynhau'r cynnwys hyd yn hyn. Mae llawer mwy i ddod, y llon a'r lleddf, felly lledaenwch y gair a chadwch lygad ar y blog.

We would like to offer volunteers the opportunity to get involved in caring for the museum collections on open display in the historic houses. We have a huge number of objects, including items made from pottery, glass, textiles, paper, wood and leather, all of which need constant care and repair.

We plan to use traditional housekeeping techniques as well as modern conservation methods to help keep our collection looking good.  No previous experience is required, all training will be provided.

New facilities are also being created for our housekeeping volunteers, providing a comfortable area to work as well as relax.

If you are interested in joining us, please follow this link to the application form and we look forward to hearing from you.
This is a pilot project so even if the initial days we offer are not suitable, please still register your interest as more opportunities will arise in the future.

Exciting times in the Digital Media department. I can finally share this with you, an updated Museum Social Media Policy for museum tweeters, facebookers, tumblrerers and so on. I've tried my best to keep it readable, common-sensical and useful - so please do give it a go and let me know if there's something amiss or awry. 

Download Social Media Policy for Museum Wales

The previous policy had been in place since 2009 - and since then, our expectations and the devices we use to access social media have come along a fair way. I hope to keep it up to date as we're faced with the endless barrage of new platforms, retroactively amended ts and cs, high-profile fails and fads.

It's a companion to the Social Media Toolkit - I'm still working on that, since I want it to look a bit more user-friendly (not to mention sexier), so I'll post that up when it's ready. I hope the toolkit will be used a working reference - something that shows the possibilities of social media for museums, where the policy defines the boundaries within which we work, and is a bit more schoolmarmish. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the document, especially our social media account holders for their feedback.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Climate-change study in your own school yard
Science & Geography (KS2)

Make use of your outdoor classroom! Join the 175 schools taking part in this exciting investigation.

Spring Bulbs for Schools provides primary school pupils with the opportunity to adopt, study and record the development of spring bulbs as part of a spring watch network. Each pupil will receive a Tenby Daffodil, Crocus bulb and garden pot to record growth and flowering times.

Through collecting and comparing real data pupils discover how our changing climate is affecting our seasons and what this means for ourselves and the nature around us. Pupils take part in Professor Plant's Challenges to receive a super scientist certificate.

Any schools in Wales can take part as results are collected over the internet (or by post if necessary). This is an on-going investigation which means schools can take part year after year.

To apply for Spring Bulbs for Schools 2015-2016 please fill out the online application form by following the link below.

Application are now open but numbers are limited so apply soon to ensure your place on the project! Application is only open to schools in Wales. Recruitment for English and Scottish schools has closed but please contact The Edina Trust for information about taking part in the project 2016-2017.

Spring Bulbs for Schools - Application form

For enquiries please Email SCAN

We are currently recruiting housekeeping volunteers at St.Fagans to help look after the displays in the historic houses and Castle. This is a new scheme that is open to anyone who would like to get involved and learn more about traditional housekeeping techniques. Many of which still have a use today, such as using natural herbs and flowers to repel moths from precious woollen jumpers.

With your help we would also like to enhance the interpretation of the buildings by putting more of the collections on display and reintroduce traditional crafts to create replica items, such as rag rugs, baskets and wicker carpet beaters.

Training will be provided, so no previous experience is required, all we ask in return is a few hours of your time a week.  This is a pilot project, so even if the days currently on offer are not suitable please do still get in contact and register your interest.

As part of the project we have converted one of the cottages at Llwyn yr Eos farm into a base for housekeeping volunteers, with studios and a comfortable place to relax.

If you are interested in becoming a housekeeping volunteer please follow this link and we look forward to hearing from you.