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Exploring Our Woodlands

November 2010

Visitors to the bird hide

Posted by Hywel Couch on 23 November 2010
Greater Spotted Woodpecker feeding on our peanut feeder outside the bird hide.
A Great Tit and a Blue Tit feeding together.
Male Chaffinch enjoying some seeds.
Female Chaffinch feeding. Note the difference in colour to the male.
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As the woodland birds get used to the new surroundings, the feeders outside the bird hide have been getting busier and busier. At times the feeders are covered in assorted tits, with the occasional nuthatch, chaffinch and robin to keep them company. Every once in a while a greater spotted woodpecker has been appearing too, forcing the smaller birds to hide for a short time.

The hide is very close to being ready to open to the public, still on schedule to be open before the end of this month. If you are thinking of visiting, remember to wrap up nice and warm, it can get quite cold in there at times. Even better, bring along a nice flask of tea!

The hide is a great place to get some great pictures of wildlife, here are some that we have taken of birds we have caught feeding outside the bird hide.


Developments in the Woodlands!

Posted by Hywel Couch on 3 November 2010
Bird Hide
Bird sound winder.
Bird feeding at feeding station.
View from inside the hide.
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This is my first blog since being appointed Exploring Nature Facilitator here at St Fagans museum. The purpose of my job is to try and encourage visitors to take notice of the wealth of nature and animals living within the museum. 

As part of this project, there have recently been some developments in woodlands at St Fagans, near the woodlands walk. Alongside one of the information panels, we have had a bird sound winder installed! By simply selecting the bird you want and winding the arm you can now listen to the songs and calls of 8 of our woodland birds! It’s a great way to get to know the different bird songs!

We have also recently had a bird hide installed in the woods. This is a great place to come and relax while watching some of our birds feeding at the feeding station. So far we have noted at least 9 different species visiting the feeders, from assorted tits to a greater spotted woodpecker. Of course, being in the woodlands we also get the occasional squirrel visiting too.

The bird hide should be open to the public soon, hopefully before the end of the month! It really is a lovely place to come with a thermos of hot tea and relax. We are currently working on some information panels which will hope to have up ready for early spring.

If you have any suggestions about how we should use the bird hide or even a name for it, please let me know by commenting. Keep an eye on this blog for information on forthcoming nature events and activities. 

The project is funded by Biffaward though the Landfill Communities Fund and by Legal and General.