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November 2012

A cold start to this year's investigation!

Posted by Danielle Cowell on 5 November 2012
Almost 5 degrees at my weather station this morning.
Rain gauge - ready for mesuring rainfall.

Today, pupils across the UK have begun keeping weather records for the Spring Bulbs for Schools investigation. Until the end of March they will record temperatures and the amount of rainfall as part of this climate investigation.

It was only just five degrees in my garden in Cardiff this morning. Last year our average temperature for November was 9 degrees Celsius – so it’s a lot colder. Parts of the UK even had snow today and are now at risk from flooding when the snow melts! See:

Please let me know if you got any snow!

I look forward to seeing the weather records come in on Friday. If you have any questions about recording – please get in touch.

Many thanks

Professor Plant.