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Notes, types and motifs

Notes for the story 'Enoc Ysguboriau and Pegi, His 'Little Girl', See a Funeral Procession on the Road'

Mary Thomas's mother, Mary Lloyd, died in 1933. Mary Thomas referred in particular to her nephew, William Morgan Rogers of Cardiff, 'Wil Moc' to his friends, as she knew the interviewer was acquainted with him.


ML 4002 (W)Supernatural manifestations.
ML 4031 (W) cGhostly experiences.
ML 4040 (W)Premonitions of death.
ML 4040 (W) cToili (the phantom funeral)


D 1825.7Magic sight of incident before it actually happens.
D 1825. 7.1Person sees phantom funeral procession some time before actual procession takes place.
E 332.2Person meets ghost on road.
E 421.1.1Ghost visible to one person alone.

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