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Notes, types and motifs

Notes for the story 'A Farmhand Sees the Ghost of John Morris, Pen-crug'

Thomas Davies first heard this story from the parents of John Harris, the farmhand:

'It was wartime. I was about sixteen, say, something like that. And, now, I called with John Harris's brother about three weeks ago, and I had lunch with him, Tom, at his home. And we talked about this. And he said:

'"That's quite true. You're right, yes, yes, it's quite true."'

The old man was walking 'from the road, in through the gate to the house' when the farmhand saw him. Thomas Davies' parents 'thought it was a very strange thing. And they believed him. No doubt about it. That was - it was true. The lad had seen him himself. He'd seen him. And he was a lad you could depend on.'


ML 4002 (W)Supernatural manifestations.
ML 4031 (W)Ghosts in human form.
ML 4040 (W)Premonitions of death.


D 1825.7Magic sight of incident before it actually happens.
E 279Ghost haunts outside at night in human shape.
E 421.1.1.1Ghost visible to one person alone.
E 425.2Revenant as man.
E 723.6Appearance of his wraith as announcement of person's death.

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