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Dafydd Morgan, Pant-y-craf, is Pressed Against the Hedge by a Funeral

Cassie Davies (1898-1988)


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'There you are, did you hear other stories about people in the area who had seen a ghost? ... Was y Ladi Wen ['the White Lady'] [seen] in this area?

No, but there was a man in the area who saw the toili [phantom funeral], he said. Again, it was my father who said this. The man was [called] Dafydd. Dafydd Morgan. The name of the farm was Pant-y-craf. Now, I barely remember him. But I do remember him. He wasn't very strong. The voice - wasn't completely unhealthy, but he didn't enjoy very good health, at any rate. A bit - like that. [My father said he] was coming home with him from Tregaron one night. They were walking together on the road. And suddenly, in a particular place, this Dafydd said:

'Stand back,' he said to my father. 'Stand back.' And he pressed himself flat against the hedge, pressing himself like that. And my father said to him:

'What's wrong? What's the matter?'

'Well, leave, stand back, so they can pass,' he said. And my father said he couldn't see anything.

'Well, there's a funeral, let them pass.'

And there he was pressing himself against the hedge and making my father, as far as he could, stand back, and then after they'd passed he said:

'Well, that's it now, they've gone,' he said.

Now, my father was with him, an eyewitness to this.

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