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Visiting and Viewing

The Evolution Of Wales galleries house the exciting new exhibition that opened in October 1993 and tells the story of the geological voyage across the globe that Wales embarked on some 700 million years ago. The journey is illustrated with many spectacular specimens and visual displays as well as a stunning reconstruction showing impressive dinosaur skeletons and footprints.

Tracking Dinosaurs

The dramatic Tracking Dinosaurs touring exhibition can also be seen at various locations around the UK on its 4 year tour. Produced in collaboration with the University of Colorado, Denver, USA, the exhibition examines the important information that can be learned about dinosaur biology and behaviour from the study of ancient dinosaur tracks and trails. Much of the exhibition centres around spectacular dinosaur trackways that have been discovered in the USA, but woven into the story is information from the important sites in Wales, England and the rest of the World.

The best way to appreciate these exhibitions and the specimens they contain is to visit our galleries in Cardiff and the sites of the touring exhibitions. Details of how to find the Museum by car, rail, bus and foot, as well as opening times and entrance fee details can be found here.

For study purposes, members of the public and professional researchers can have access to the remainder of the collections which are kept within the Department of Geology.

For information and queries regarding access to the collections for research purposes please contact the Departmental Collections Manager: Cindy Howells for Palaeontology and Dr Jana Horák for Mineralogy and Petrology. For general information on the procedure for accessing specimens for research, please see the Department's copy of the Policy On The Access To And Use Of The Collections. The Museum policy covers each discipline but does however vary on a number of specific points from department to department.