Crystal System: Hexagonal
Status of Occurrence: Unconfirmed Occurrence
Distribution: Rare
Chemical Composition: Zinc oxide
Chemical Formula: ZnO
Method(s) of Verification: not verified.

Chemical Group:

  • Oxides & Hydroxides
Introduction: zincite is a rare secondary mineral named in 1845 for its composition. Zincite has been reported as occurring in a variety of geological settings, from primary, metamorphosed stratiform zinc orebodies to secondary, oxidized zinc-rich ore deposits and as a product of volcanism. Crystals are rare, with the exception of man-made smelter products.
Occurrence in Wales: the presence of zincite in Wales is highly doubtful. Andrew (1910) listed zincite as, one of the minerals in the Cefn Coch Lode in the Dolgellau Gold-Belt. No specimens are known and this species has never before, or since been discovered in the British Isles.

Key Localities:

  • Cefn Coch Lode, Dolgellau Gold-Belt, Gwynedd: Andrew (1910) describes the Cefn Coch Lode as usually containing quartz, blende (sphalerite) and galena, but also containing chalcopyrite, pyrite, zincite and gold.


  1. Andrew, A.R., 1910. The geology of the Dolgelley gold-belt, North Wales. Geological Magazine, 47, 159-171, 201-221, 261-271.